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Merlin is my favourite character.
Ironic to have my username, I know.

I have a spelling and grammar OCD, so I tend to avoid stories that show evidence of not passing third grade English.

Favourite quotes:
Arthur: Merlin?
Merlin: Yes?
Arthur: Shut up.

Arthur: Oh, cheer up will you? *punches Merlin in the arm*
Merlin: *stares* How is punching me in the arm meant to cheer me up?
Arthur: *frowns* Works with the knights.
Merlin: Well, theyíre thick, arenít they?
Arthur: *glares* Iím a knight.
Merlin: *nods* There you go then.
Arthur: *punches him in the arm again*

Arthur: You will be ready by sunrise, wonít you, Merlin?
Merlin: If I donít know where weíre going, how do I know what to pack? Will-it-be-hot-will-it-be-cold-will-it-be-wet-will-it-be-dry?
Arthur: *rolls eyes* Donít be such a girl, Merlin!
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