Arthur And Helen. by merlinslover
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Morgana, Lancelot and Agravane.
Morgana has brought Lancelot back from the dead by throwing the magic coin into the black lake. Morgana has taken Lancelot back to the hut in the woods which is where Morgana lives.

When Lancelot wakes he looks at Morgana. She tells him that he must be tired because he has been on a journey that few have dreamed of. She goes on to say that she will need his sword and his mind.

Morgana tells Lancelot all about how Helen has captured the heart of King Arthur which others have tried to do but did not manage it. Morgana goes on to say that Arthur plans to marry Helen if she says yes to his proposal. Lancelot was Helen's first love and Morgana will make sure that Lancelot is Helen's last love.

Morgana also tells Lancelot a story how he was found by a group of Druids who took care of him and healed him. When he was strong enough he earned his passage with the sword to help protect the Druids who were living in the forest of Cenred's Kingdom. That story is the one that Lancelot will tell to Arthur, the Knights of Camelot, Helen, Merlin and Gaius. Morgana knows that Lancelot will be believed because he is the bravest of the Knights and he is very, very loyal as well.

A while later Agravane comes to Morgana'a hut in the forest. Morgana informs him that all his well and that Lancelot will do as instructed. Argavane informs Morgana that a tournament is gonna be held at Camelot for two days which is Arthur's engagment present to Helen. Morgana knows that will be the perfect way to Lancelot back into Camelot.

Will the plan work?. Morgana and Agravane both hope so. Is Camelot in danger?and is Helen is danger?.
Chapter End Notes:
Will everyone believe that Lancelot has returned?or will Merlin sense thats all is not well and have to save the day again?.
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