Promise of Retun by RebeccaPendragon
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Chapter 5 of 5. This chapter has not been Beta read so there may be mistakes!
Words: 2072
The Sword in the Stone

‘We have another hour and a half Merlin, so you may as well carry on.’ Merlin looked up at Arthur who had the gentle look in his eye as Merlin let his pain show.
‘Don’t hit me, or Gwaine, will you!’ At the mention of his name Gwaine looked up at Merlin. He couldn’t believe Merlin was actually going to say about this. ‘Do you remember, two years ago, the sword in the stone?’

‘Yes. Gwaine came back from there and told me to at least see if I could pull it out. He said we ought to make a trip there to see if I was strong enough.’

‘Well it did prove you were a Prince, not a Princess.’ Gwaine said smirking. Merlin let out a light laugh. Clearly Gwaine had been keeping Arthur in place while Merlin was away.

‘There were many people around that sword weren’t there, all trying to pull it out.’ Arthur nodded. ‘But then there were some who sat back and watched other people fail. Meanwhile, one person was stood next to the stone with a cloak up, letting very few see his face.’ Merlin looked over to Gwaine and Lancelot. ‘When I saw Gwaine and Lancelot arrive I had hope, for I thought you would be arriving soon too, but when there was no sign of you, I snuck into the tent in which the two were sharing for the night they were there and requested to speak with to Gwaine as he was the only one there at the time. He nodded and walked out of the tent. Only then could I reveal myself to him.’


It was dark out here, in amongst all the trees. Merlin took Gwaine deeper and deeper into the woods, and only when even the sounds of the camp had died did Merlin finally stop.

‘Gwaine, I need you to do an old friend a favour. Go to Gaius and tell him that on the next anniversary, go to Hunith’s, he’ll know what it means. Then I need you to go to Arthur and tell him he needs to try and get the sword out of the stone, it is rightfully his, but don’t tell him that. I have scried him recently and I know now that he has no intentions of trying to get the sword. I believe he has given up hope ever since I ‘died’. I thought there was some hope when I saw you and Lancelot here, but there isn’t any more.

‘Camelot is in grave peril again, however this time, it will not just be Camelot, but Mercia, Cendred’s kingdom, and everywhere else in Albion; but only the Once and Future King can withdraw the sword from the stone.’

‘I will do as you request,’ Gwaine said, looking at the still cloaked figure. ‘However first I would like to know who you truly are.’ Merlin sighed before lifting his hood away from his face.

Gwaine gasped as the familiar look of his pale friend with dark hair was revealed to him, Merlin looked fine, but Gwaine could see he’d aged a lot since his burning. He looked older than Arthur now, who he was a few years younger than. He quickly embraced Merlin before asking many questions, none of which he got answered.

‘Gwaine, we don’t have long. Only Arthur can take the sword. The person who claims the sword will unite the lands of Albion, and that future is given to one person in a prophesy made many years ago; if Arthur fails in his destiny everywhere will fall. Tell Arthur Emrys sent this message and that he needs to believe in himself, he can do anything even when I am not there,’ Merlin said hurriedly. Gwaine nodded and turned about to walk away before Merlin spoke once more. ‘Gwaine, tell no one who I really am, if you do, then all will fail also, for if Uther hears, he will never let his son become the hero of the lands like he’s meant to be.’

----- Flashback-----

‘You knew, and you never told me! Why Gwaine?’ Arthur felt more betrayed than ever, his anger was coursing through his blood

‘I did not want to risk your destinies falling through. Honestly, if Merlin hadn’t told me not to tell anyone, then you would’ve been the first to know. I know how much he changed you. You needed him, so I did what I did for him.’ Gwaine said, not at all worried by the looks some of the knights were giving him.

‘Gwaine was right to do as he did Arthur. As I said earlier, your father would have worked out I was alive by the look on your face, and particularly your eyes, Gaius told me the spark in them died when I was burnt.’ Merlin said. ‘Anyway, if Gwaine did tell you then and Uther found out you wouldn’t have been allowed to go. When you turned up with Gwaine, Leon and Elyan I was so relieved. I thanked Gwaine in private before standing in silence as you pulled the sword out of the stone. People challenged you, but this was the only time, I think, that I hadn’t had to use my magic to save your sorry arse.’ There was a bout of laughter from the knights. ‘I have kept a firm eye on you recently to make sure no one with magic challenges you for your right to rule Albion.’ There was a long pause in which Merlin thought about what went on after that.

‘Later that year, not long after the ninth year since I was ‘killed’ Gaius came to my mothers to check that she was well and still coping, he didn’t however expect her to be thriving. I stayed hidden for the first day he was there. Disguising myself with magic or staying away from the house, and that night I stayed in Will’s old house. Everything went fine, me and my mother tried to stay away from each other.

‘The next day a druid told me that there was a problem that I needed to sort out, being what I am among creatures of magic. They had found the body of someone magical, and only dark magic could have killed this person, for they were a powerful magic indeed. I spent almost a week searching, before I found Morgause and Morgana going after yet another victim.’ Arthur looked up at the name of his half-sister, driven by anger to her father, she had not needed to turn dark; she could have been like Merlin and helped the people of Camelot. ‘I was disturbed, to say the least, that my ex-friend had turned against those who had magic as well, who, like her, had suffered at Uther’s hand. They were killing blindly, and for no reason. Being who I am, I couldn’t turn a blind eye to those in need, that definitely isn’t me, but I knew that if Morgana saw me, word would be sent back to you and Uther that I was alive then my destiny would fail and I couldn’t risk that happening, for your sake I couldn’t let that happen.

‘So I did the only thing I could do. Restraining the sisters, I slowed down time to get ahead of them, the trees holding them back so that they couldn’t run off when they saw me step out.


‘Morgana, Morgause, what are you doing?’ Both girls gasped as Merlin stepped out in front of them.

‘You died. How come you’re still alive, we all saw you die in the flames.’ Morgana spat.

‘Actually Morgana, you saw an illusion. I contacted the Great Dragon and he rescued me.’ Merlin said, a slight smirk as Morgause’s mouth dropped open.

‘Why would a dragon listen to you?’ Morgause asked, slightly envious, Merlin noted.

‘Now Morgause, we can’t have you in contact with the Great Dragon can we?’ Morgause just squealed angrily. ‘Why have you been killing those who are kin to you and me?’ Merlin asked again.

‘That is none of your business boy. Now, if you know what is best for you then you shall release us this instant.’ Morgause said again, Morgana keeping her mouth shut. When Merlin shook his head Morgause muttered something inaudible to him, and although Merlin felt his magic strain for a bit, he knew that Morgause’s spell wouldn’t work.

‘Morgause, your magic may be powerful, but not as powerful as mine. You see Morgana, this is one of the best things that could’ve happened, you getting me caught, for it has given me a chance to learn more about who I am.’

Finally Morgana spoke. ‘He’s bluffing, he must be.’

‘Oh really,’ Merlin said in response before undoing this pin on his cloak and releasing it. Bringing his arm up, he smiled. ‘I’d release you, but as a lord that would be abusing the trust my people have in me.’ Merlin looked up into the eyes of the sisters, who were glaring at him ‘I can not risk the lives of magic for the sake of two people who are blinded by magic. I shall let you go, after I have stopped you from using magic, and after I have shown you who I truly am. Now, you can listen, or I can use my powers to get you burnt like I was, and for you to feel my pain.’ His voice hardened and the witches writhed as they too felt the pain of being burnt before Merlin carried on ‘I am Emrys, and if you so much as threaten another one of our kind, or any in Camelot, you will regret the day you were born.’


‘I trapped their magic inside them. Only someone with powers not quite equal to mine can free them, and I can think of no one that powerful yet.’ Merlin said, he eyes glistening again, however he was not the only one. To hear of his sisters’ betrayal to her kind had hit Arthur hard; he had known Morgana had magic for a while.

‘When I returned to Ealdor, my mother told me that Gaius was out somewhere, so we sat down, and I explained what I had been up to for the week. Mother said that Gaius was to return here the day after. Unknown to me and my mother, Gaius returned earlier than he had thought he was going to, and he saw me talking to mother when I wasn’t in disguise. He also saw my sign and upon entering to make himself fully known he nodded his head to me a bit. I believe that he wanted me to experience what it was like for people to do that so randomly if they saw me. I don’t think he knew I had had that happen for four years. Once I told him of all I had done since he swore he’d keep it a secret. Then, when word got to Gaius that you were to take over from Uther he immediately sent word to me. You had saved an entry card to your coronation for my mother that Gaius was to take care of, but instead it was used for me.’

After a long pause, Arthur spoke, ‘Thank you Merlin. I appreciate everything. I know that it must have been hard for you.’

‘Hard, living away from home, from my best friend and from my uncle for about ten years, honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live through it again, but thank you, sire.’ Merlin smiled at him, and Arthur smiled back.

‘No Merlin, thank you, for all your help for these years. I’m sure I would be dead without you.’

Merlin nodded politely at Arthur before standing from the table to leave. ‘Merlin, speak to you tomorrow about something to please.’ Merlin smiled, he knew this time it would be about Gwen, but he didn’t mind. The prince had welcomed him back with open arms, and that was what was important. As he left the council chambers he looked around the castle, taking in the surroundings and how similar they were to when he was last here. He smiled as he walked through the doors and into the courtyard, knowing that now he was welcome here, and that people knew who he was and he didn’t have to hide.
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks again to merlinlover who has reviewed all my chapters... sadly they are my only reviewer so please review guys.
Hope you enjoyed this story. I shall post the sequel when I am furthur through it... but yes, Merlin is here to stay...
Happy holidays, sadly I have school tomorrow :'(
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