Promise of Retun by RebeccaPendragon
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry if you don't like flashbacks guys, there are more coming :)
Chapter 4 of 5
Words: 1686

Merlin opened his eyes again, but this time, he was met by the blazing sun. The morning was young, and yet Merlin knew he had to get up; otherwise Arthur would most likely have him in the stocks. Merlin smiled at the thought. It would be like meeting an old friend.

When Merlin entered the council chambers that morning, he was surprised to see a couple of other knights in there. If it was about Gwen, other knights wouldn’t be there, so it had to be about something else.

‘Ah, morning Merlin, still not the early riser I see,’ Merlin glared at the King but didn’t retaliate because there were knights around. Merlin noticed Sir Leon and Sir Gwaine; a few knights he had only known a while before he was burnt – Sir Bedivere and Sir Kay – and a few new knights he didn’t know. ‘Some of my knights and I wish to know what you have been up to while you have been away.’ Arthur then smirked, ‘After all, you are a bit of a legend here now, as you have probably realised.’

‘How much did you want to know? There is much that I have seen and done these past few years,’ Merlin said, directing his gaze at Arthur.

‘Merlin,’ Arthur said with an exasperated sigh while the other knights smirked. ‘I want to know as much as you can tell me in the few hours we have here.’

Merlin smiled at the King before it changed to a frown, and suddenly the glint in his eye was gone. ‘I have seen and done much Arthur, even here in Camelot, but no one knew. The first thing I saw after I was moved from here was my father and the Great Dragon –’

‘The Dragon? I thought he was dead. You said I’d killed him!’ Arthur shouted, enraged, his voice rising dangerously.

‘I’m a Dragonlord sire, the last Dragonlord. My father was Balinor. As I was saying, I saw my father; this was about a year after I had left, and the Dragon and my father had tried for so long to save me, but eventually they had only one choice left. My father knew of the importance of my destiny – I’ll explain that another day, and not in front of all your knights’ sire – and chose to get the cup of life so that they could save me that way, but for a life to be saved another life must be given. I had to watch my father die for a second time; believe me, it wasn’t easy, I would never wish that feeling on anyone. I had wanted to block out the power to mirror life and death, but it was time for me to get used to it. I am a priest of the old religion, and I can mirror life and death. Anyway, after I was fully healed I returned to Ealdor. My mother used the excuse that she was getting too old a couple of times before my memorial so that she didn’t have to come, in case she let slip that I was alive. I had to lie low for many reasons at that point in time.

‘After four years at Ealdor, I left, and my mother went to the next memorial saying that it was now five years and she didn’t want to miss it. I went off to the Isle of the Blessed with the Great Dragon where I was greeted by all the Priests and Priestess’s of the old religion, then I was given this,’ he pointed to the sign of the old religion on his arm before continuing, ‘and it was explained to me that I was given this for I am, and will be the most powerful sorcerer ever. I am featured quite prominently in a couple of the Druidic prophesies because of my destiny.

‘I have travelled around for a bit, travelling into Cendred’s and Bayard’s kingdom, and here. Four years ago Arthur, what happened here?’


There were screams everywhere; Arthur was leading a defence against an immortal army, but he was outside of Camelot’s walls, and unable to defend properly. He sighed, wondering how they were going to win Camelot back. His father had been kicked out (quite literally) of Camelot, and was now resting after being injured in battle (a sword wound). Many men had already been lost, but now swords clanged together as they met in mid-strike and defence, shouts were heard over the angry roaring of the army left inside of Camelot. Only those outside of Camelot could enter, and those inside Camelot could not attack them. Arthur voiced the only explanation – ‘Magic.’

Then, a voice could be heard above all the noise and screams, and slowly everyone went quiet. ‘Arthur Pendragon,’ the voice spoke with power, and Arthur noted that it was strangely familiar, but Arthur couldn’t put a face to the voice. ‘Meet me at the edge of the forest next to the lake, and bring Sir Leon and a couple of trusted knights with you. When you come, I shall hand you your salvation.’ The voice stopped and Arthur immediately did as the voice said, grabbing Sir Leon, Gwaine (who had caught up with them a couple of days after the battle started) and Sir Percival. Running into the forest, Arthur saw someone move among the canopy with much grace, and yet a recognisable clumsiness.

Finally entering a clearing where there was a perfectly still lake, with mountains towering above it at the far side, a young man entered, he could not have been much older than Arthur, and he was about the same height. A cloak was pulled tightly around hum and a hood covered his features so he would not be recognised.

‘Arthur Pendragon;’ the person bowed his head slightly, ‘Have you heard of the prophesy of the great sword, Excalibur, and the Once and Future King of Albion?’ The cloaked person asked.

‘I have. Who are you, and why do you bring this up?’Arthur ordered.

‘Why Pendragon, do you not recognise me?’ Arthur shook his head. ‘I am destined to be the greatest warlock ever. My druidic name is Emrys, and you will meet me again, but under different guise and with a different name. As to why I bring you here, there is but one thing that can kill something that is already dead: a sword that has been forged in the dragon’s breath.’

‘But the last dragon was killed many years ago, I killed him. How am I meant to retrieve a sword that can’t have been made?’ Arthur was confused beyond doubt.

‘The last dragon is very much alive, but this story is for another day, Arthur Pendragon. The sword was made many years ago by your old manservant,’ That made Arthur look up.

‘You mean Merlin?’ Emrys nodded.

‘Yes,’ Merlin now knew that Arthur would pick up the sword. He had learnt to scry and knew that Arthur missed him. ‘It was cast into this lake as it was used by the wrong hand. Only you are supposed to wield the sword named Excalibur Arthur.’ The voice stopped as Emrys walked into the lake, not worrying of the coldness of it as it hit the hem of his cloak.

‘I summon Freya, the Lady of the Lake,’ Emrys called over the water, the sound of the battle cries just echoing over the lake and around the mountains. Arthur gaped as a person walked out of the water and up to the group of five, Emrys having walked out of the lake. Arthur could have sworn she recognised the young lady.

‘My lord,’ The girl named Freya said bowing to Arthur and revealing the perfectly made sword that was hanging from her belt. ‘The blade is named Excalibur, and it was forged for you long ago by one who you held dear to you,’ Freya looked over at Emrys, ‘Emrys, I believe that is how he is called, has been of great help,’ She held her hand out and Emrys took it without a second thought. ‘However, if you wish to find him, then you will fail, for all is not as it seems.’ She nodded to the prince and handed him the sword. ‘Emrys, please walk with me for a moment.’

‘Thank you Freya,’ Merlin said weakly, and Arthur knew the voice but he still couldn’t put face or name to it.
‘Good luck sire and I look forward to when we see each other again, and to when you truly know who I am.’

-----End of Flashback-----

Arthur opened his eyes, everyone gazing at him. Merlin had a lone tear running down his cheek, and there was only one reason Arthur could think for it. ‘Merlin, are you Emrys?’

‘Yes sire, I am. I could not reveal who I was to you then, for if Uther saw the light return to your eyes then he would know something had happened. Gaius told my mother about how much you were suffering, and she told me. However much I wanted to call you a prat or comment on your slowness when I gave you Excalibur, I knew it would give me away. I was worried that my one show of weakness as I spoke to Freya would give me away.’

‘Freya was a girl that had been caught by a bounty hunter. At the stroke of midnight she turned into a giant black cat with wings. I don’t know if you remember, but it was you that dealt her the mortal blow. That was a year or so before I was burnt. When she died I took her to the lake and she promised me she would repay me, I used my magic to make the boat leave the shore and burnt her; ever since that day, she has rested peacefully in the Lake of Avalon. I may never see her again now.’ Merlin looked down and knew his tears showed more of his grief than was meant to be shown, but they couldn’t be hidden.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed :) A special shout out to merlinslover for reviewing all my chapters so far :) thank you :)
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