Promise of Retun by RebeccaPendragon
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Chapter 2 of 5 :) Beta read :)
Words: 1241
I am...

Many years had passed since Merlin’s last breath, but the prince never forgot him.

He had been waiting ten long years for Merlin to fulfil his last promise, but he hadn’t yet, and today Arthur was going to be crowned King, but he didn’t want to be crowned if Merlin wasn’t there to wash his royal socks!
He walked into the throne room, frowning at his father who was stood in front of his new throne. Ever since that fateful day, Uther had failed to gain the forgiveness of the prince, and Arthur thought he never would.

As he knelt before the old king, ready to take the final step into becoming the true king of Camelot, and not just a prince, a voice spoke out from the crowd, near to where Gaius was stood.

‘Uther Pendragon, I believe that it is I who should be the one to give the Prince his crown.’ There was a murmur as everyone looked around, including Gaius, but he had a slight smile on his face that meant that Gaius knew who it was.

‘Who is it?’ Uther ordered the answer.

‘It is I. Uther Pendragon; I am the one who has made Arthur hate you, because you sought to kill me. I am the one who had served your son faithfully, yet you still sought to kill. I am the one that, for thirteen years, protected you, your son and Camelot, yet you still sought to kill. I am the one who your son holds dearly in his heart, his friend, yet you still sought to kill. I am the one who is here, to see not only the Prince’s destiny fulfilled, but my own.

‘You know who I am Uther Pendragon, as does everyone here. But I am not here purely to show that I am alive. I am here to fulfil the promise. The last words I ever said to Prince Arthur – ‘Arthur, I’m sorry, but I promise you, I will see you again.’‘ Merlin sighed, stepping out from behind the pillar next to Gaius, and looked over to the royal prince who knelt before the king. ‘Do you not recognise me Arthur?’ The prince paused and looked at the man before him in shock. He had changed slightly, got stronger and more confident, but Arthur could fully recognise Merlin as the same clumsy old manservant that Arthur had missed so much.

‘Merlin? Is – is it really you?’ The only response Merlin could give was a short smile before the prince had got up and embraced his servant. ‘You have a lot of explaining to do while you’re cleaning my chambers after this.’ Merlin smiled. That was the Arthur he knew.

Gwen also smiled as she saw Arthur stand and embrace Merlin. She had always known that, no matter what Arthur said, he always missed Merlin, and the same went for herself and Gaius.

‘Guards!’ Uther shouted and immediately five guards surrounded them. Arthur drew his sword in response and turned to face the three guards that were in front of them. He frowned as he noted that his father still had not learnt from his mistakes.

‘You shall not attack my servant. I don’t care what is said by my father. He is going to be free to walk around in Camelot with no one trying to kill him. Although, even if anyone did try I imagine they wouldn’t succeed’, Arthur then turned to Uther with an angry gleam in his eye. Uther’s anger at Merlin still being alive and well was also obvious. ‘Father, there is no point in anyone trying to kill him. We have already seen him die once and yet he has returned, but that story is for later. I believe I am about to be crowned King,’ Arthur paused before emphasising the last bit, ‘and Merlin will be the one to put the crown on my head!’ Merlin smiled at Arthur, removed his cloak from his shoulders and handed it to Gaius.

Everyone gasped. Merlin had the sign of the old religion imprinted on his skin, and very few seemed to know what that meant, but for those who did, they bowed and said ‘my lord’.

‘I’ll explain later,’ Merlin mumbled to Arthur’s questioning face.

As Uther spoke the important words, and Arthur said his ‘I do’s’, Merlin smiled and silently contacted Kilgharrah.
He is about to be king, are there any new threats?

Only Morgana and Morgause at the moment, you should be safe from them, but remember the ancient prophecies young warlock.

Merlin stopped talking to the dragon as he picked up the crown and placed it on his friend’s head. Smiling, Merlin stepped away from Arthur as he rose and turned to face his people, all of whom were shouting ‘Long live the King, long live King Arthur.’

Arthur smiled and signalled for all to be silent. ‘Thank you all, I could not be here today without your help. Each and every one of you have helped me to become the person I am today, and the king I will be for to all of you,’ Arthur looked over to Gwen who smiled, and then looked back to Merlin. ‘Today has been a strange day, with the arrival of an old friend, but, because of this, I would like to ask that not only my coronation is celebrated today, but I am going to remove the ban on magic, and my court sorcerer will be none other than my old manservant, Merlin.’ There were many cheers as everyone clapped Merlin, who just stood there gaping at Arthur.


Merlin and Arthur were in Arthur’s chambers, sat at his desk.

‘So Merlin, how did you come back?’

‘I never truly died Arthur; there was always part of me left here. Don’t ask, for even I cannot explain properly, but I have been travelling since I was burnt here. When I heard that Uther was finally stepping down from the throne, I sought to travel here straight away. I got here late yesterday evening and stayed in my old chambers. I spoke to Gaius this morning and he said he’d smuggle me into the coronation.’

‘What about that symbol you’ve got on your arm - why did people bow to you?’ Arthur couldn’t hide the surprise in his voice.

Merlin moved his arm up and put his hand over the shape, the mark of the old religion. ‘I got this about five years ago. Kilgharrah told me to go to the Isle of the Blessed, and I found out that, to those with magic, I am like a king. I can execute those who use magic for evil, and help those who use it for good. Those people who spoke up about it or bowed to me, they knew what it meant, they have magic.’ Merlin smiled at Arthur.

‘You may go Merlin, but I want to see you in the council chambers tomorrow to talk about something of great importance.’ Sighing, Merlin left the new King in his now perfectly clean chambers, which Merlin did, with a little help from his ‘gifts’.

As he walked through the castle, many people welcomed him back, Gwen came and gave him a hug and Morgana glared at him. He arrived in Gaius’s work room to see the physician smiling at him. Grinning, Merlin thought everything is the same, except now people know him for who he is.
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