Promise of Retun by RebeccaPendragon
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Story Notes:
The first 4 chapters have been beta read and the fifth chapter has been sent to my friend to beta read it. All chapters for this story are complete and I am starting a sequal. People may have seen and read this story on because I have also posted it there.
Author's Chapter Notes:
The first chapter of five.
Words: 912
Silent Tears

Silent tears caressed the young Princes shadowed face as he turned away from the dying embers of his manservant – no, his friend. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Gaius shedding his tears quietly for his ward, and Gwen sobbing into Morgana’s shoulder, Morgana having not shown a single tear. He looked to his father who was apparently speaking, but all Arthur could hear were the pained screams of his friend and his pleas for Gaius to be looked after and that Arthur stay alive, not a word could be heard in there about Merlin himself. Arthur walked away, wanting to get away from the pyre that his friend had taken his last breath on.

In the half light of his chamber, Arthur sat on the cold stone floor, his eyes glazed over with tears as he thought about the last words of his best friend – ‘Arthur, I’m sorry, but I promise you, I will see you again’. Arthur knew it was just to give him a bit of comfort, but what Merlin had said was the most honest thing Arthur had heard, he was sure of it.

Eyes followed the prince everywhere he went, and more than one set were smiling. His father was too happy about the execution, yet another sorcerer out of the way, they was his thoughts; but Arthur had thought Morgana had liked the young boy that was his manservant. Clearly he was wrong. She smiled at him as though consoling him for his loss, but behind the meaningless words that spilled from her mouth, he could hear the joy and happiness that she felt about his death. Arthur wanted to hit her.


It was dusk, and Arthur, along with Gwen and Gaius, had made sure he didn’t go to sleep tonight. It was now a year since their friend had been killed in the burning flames, stood straight and proud in the failing light, each flame biting at his legs, each flame eating at his life.

There was a knock on the door of the council chambers, and woman who can’t have been much older than Uther opened the door and walked in. Arthur and Gwen smiled at her as she was embraced by her brother. Hunith looked at him; sadness covered her red eyes as she then thanked the prince for inviting her along, in the memory of her only son. So often she had come close to losing him but never had, she had not thought about what would happen if he did ever die. She had hoped he wouldn’t, at least, not in her lifetime.

Silently, the four of them sat side by side at the long, wooden table, thinking about the past with Merlin in it.
Arthur thought about all the banter he had missed this past year, and the way his useless, good for nothing servant had missed many of his chores - his room was a tip! Gwen thought about the good friend Merlin had been, when he had offered to throw himself into the fire for her. Gaius thought about how Merlin was the son he never had; someone who very rarely lied to him and all the times he had saved Camelot. Hunith thought about the boy’s father and the boy’s childhood, tears fell down her cheeks onto her shaking hands as she thought about how he’d been treated in Ealdor, how she hadn’t got to say goodbye to him. She shook, and in that moment she hated Uther. The first person she had ever come to hate.
He had ruined the life of the one she loved and he had killed her only child.

Slowly the four of them stood. Gwen had prepared horses for the four of them to travel out to where they had put a stone of remembrance for Merlin.


The journey had been a quiet one, where everyone had sat thinking as their horses trotted down the road to their friends or families grave.

Sighing, the Prince finally spoke – ‘We won’t have long there. We left later than I thought we were going to, and I have to be back while it is still dark.’ The other three nodded in understanding, unable to speak as each of them were hiding a small sob.

As they neared a lake, they all began to slow down. Gaius had said that this lake had meant much to Merlin while he was still alive, so more than four remembered him there.

Climbing off their horses each of them laid one small flower down next to the stone, and then they all sat down on the muddy, damp ground in silence; gazing at the calm lake, and letting it calm their tears. Hunith and Gaius sat together, a few metres away from where Gwen sat, weeping into Arthur’s tunic, while Arthur gently rubbed her back, and spoke soft, calming words to her.
After an hour, Arthur stood up, Gwen having fallen asleep in the prince’s arms. He knew he had to return to Camelot soon, but he needed to walk first. Going once around the small lake, he arrived back, and slowly the others stood and clambered onto their respective horses in silence, none of them wanting to break the silence for the thoughts of their friend. Finally, Arthur turned his back on his dead friend, who he knew, in reality, would never return.

Silent tears caressed the young prince’s face as he trotted slowly away.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed chapter one :) I will post more chapters as I do.
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RebeccaPendragon :)
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