Merlin: Camelot's X by Viktobi
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Chapter 5: Labor’s revelations

She looks at me, her eyes, filled with suspicion and uncertainty.

I smile reluctantly...turning my eyes away from her....

It's been half an hour now, and the soft spoken lady still hadn't decided what task to designate to me.

The guys were off to God knows where, ready to earn a living and I was still stranded in her sturdy little cabin, because madam didn't know what to do with me.

“Merlin says you are from Mercin...”

Mercin? Where and what the hell is that?

I just nod my head, “Yes I am...” I say dryly...that Merlin, he sure knew how to catch someone unawares.

She tried to force a smile, “I don't know what to do with you...” she finally said, “Can you cook?”

I shake my head, hell no am I going to cook in this forsaken place!

“What about with the needle and thread?” she pushes on

I shake my head once more, causing her to raise her brows...yes it was perhaps very un-medieval of me not to be able to cook or use a needle...sheeshh, I can cook just give me a microwave....

I clear my throat, “I can clean or wash...?”

“Yes! The Lady Morgana...she has a lot of clothes that require hand-washing, while I tend to the lady, you can wash...” she brushes her hair away from her face.

“Who is the Lady Morgana?” I did not know…surely she was noble, but I thought it best it ask.

“Lady Morgana?” she crunches her nose, “Strange that you do not know, she is King Uther’s ward...”

I smile sheepishly at her, “His ward….I should have known…” My brain was in turmoil…I did not recall any Morgana in Arthurian legends…then again the way things were going round here, this shouldn’t surprise me.

Come to think about it, much is not known about Arthur before he became King....unfortunately for us….

“You are hiding something...” she suddenly blurts out.

“Hiding something? Me?” I feign being shocked at that statement, in all honesty I truly am, I was never that good of an actress.

“Yes, your hands...they are not used to labor” she reaches out for them, inverting them so that my palms are bare for all to see and then gently she places her palm against mine, “They are soft...” she whispers.

I quickly drag my hands away from her

Ok this is awkward....

Lunatic, I think to myself...they are all crazy here.

“I am used to labor!” I say slightly offended, my eyes shifting from side to side.

She lets out a little giggle, “Sure you are...” she says, rolling her eyes.

I look at her dumb-founded, “Where can I meet my friends?” I ask trying to change the topic.

She shrugs her shoulders, “After the days work, when we retreat home...I shall prepare supper for all of us.” she reaches for her cloak, “I can't imagine you all having to eat that awful food Gaius and Merlin make...”

“Oh, I thought that was normal food.” I say rather lamely, at least some good news.

“Oh no! Not at all! I think those two experiment on all sorts of left overs...”

I feel myself getting sick, I hold my stomach, “No need to further explain this. I don't think I want to know....they made us breakfast.”

She sighed, “Just be glad you turned out all in one piece...come on, I have a spare gown, that you can wear...” she points at a curtain, “Go on, Kiki! We are going to be late.”

I go behind the curtains....

It takes me a bit too long to fit into the gown, to think that I had imagined wearing a dress less complicated than tending to castle chores.

I was wrong...slipping into Guinevere's dress seemed like an impossible mission. I got a hang of it in the beginning, after finally figuring out which side is the front and which one is the back.

There were ropes or strings or whatever they were called hanging out from my upper body, I did not know where they belonged.

Luckily she sensed my frustration.

“Do you need help?” she says this through the curtain, before pushing them open. She slumps her shoulder upon noticing my plight...we freeze for a moment staring at each other, my eyes showing defeat and helplessness, “Come here, you have to tie it up.”

She pulls on the strings and I gasp for air, “UFFFFHHH”

“You act like you have never worn a dress,” she says smiling....

Her smile quickly disappeared when I did not reply to that...I mean I've never worn a medieval dress...God what these ladies go through...

“I guess I am tired...uhm...Merdin is far away...”

“Mercin....” she corrected, “Let's go the lady will wake soon....”

She rushes out of the house, I follow her blindly, thinking to myself, how on earth did I get myself in this predicament....

There I was scrubbing the castle grounds, a back breaking task, I tell you. Especially when people just carelessly walk by on the freshly scrubbed ground, without any apology what so ever, going about with their daily activities…without a care in the world…all of them reeking funny….

I almost lost my cool, until I remembered my rightful place here in Camelot.

A peasant.

The amazement of having seen the castle earlier quickly disappeared after Gwen handed me my task.

It was indeed a magnificent sight to behold, just like how we see castle's in the movies...just like how I had imagined it to be....

except me cleaning it for them....

“How are you faring?”

My heart skips a beat...

“It is I, Merlin...” he laughs at me, shamelessly.

“Don't you do that one has said a word to me since I started this...” I slowly get up, wiping away whatever I felt was glued to Gweny's dress.

“You've been on that spot for hours now.” he teases.

“No I have not! Besides I still have a lot of things to do...there is the west wing, the stairwell...the...” I wipe the sweat away from my forehead, the more I thought about what was left for me to do, the greater urge I felt to use my mutant abilities...for what I did not know, Telekinesis could only help me push objects away or bring them closer to me...flight was useless and having the ability to steal from other mutants wouldn't help much here either...

I sigh out loud... “Where are the other two?”

“Helping Arthur with his weapons...”

“Helping? Weapons?” I am clearly confused, those two nincompoops managed to meet the Arthur already? Damn them.

“Yes, Arthur is having his training right now...they are out there handing him the weapons he requires...” he smiles at me, proud at having found something for them to do.

“But they have not the slightest idea of your kind of weapons!” I exclaim, Oh boy this was just going to be painful.

“I managed to show them a few, but Robert insisted they would be fine...”

I only shake my head, “You don't understand, they ha.....”

“MERLIN!” a strong male voice roars across from the corridor. “MERLIN!”

Merlin looks at me, I sense there is some freight in him, “Oh dear...” he simply mutters.

We both face the direction the voice was coming from, both patiently awaiting the screamer's identity,

Instinctively I could sense who this could be....instinctively I could sense the reason for his outburst....there was no other reasonable explanation for it.

“Merlin! How come is it...that anytime...I rely on seem to disappoint me further ?” a young blond man appeared before me...a very handsome young man in deed.


Well built....

Amazing eyes....

He pushes past me,

Ah yes…and how could I miss it…Arrogant.

The King's son...what was I expecting? Of course he was arrogant.

“Sorry about that,” he suddenly says to me, he does not look me in the eye, at least he is aware that I am there.

Hands on his hips, he shakes his head disapprovingly, “They couldn't differentiate a hammer from a…a…torch, if it meant saving their own lives...”

“I am sorry, sire...they needed the coin...” Merlin mutters.

Arthur rolls his eyes, “Send them to the stables, Merlin. I am sure they can help out there...” he mumbles, “They are certainly of no use to me…”

At this suggestion or rather command, Funny ear's eyes glow with appreciation.

He looks at me, winks and dashes away.

The future King of Camelot, turns the other way heading up to I presume his room…sorry over here we refer to them as chambers.

I smile…what a handsome young man he is….about my age as well…perhaps even a year or two older…but he is sure good looking.


I turn at the call of my name, it is Gwen, slowly approaching me.

“If I am not mistaken, someone must have caught your fancy…” she eyes me deviously.

“Oh no…I just saw A..” I held my mouth quickly, who knows what kind of trouble this might bring me confessing I found the future King of Camelot to be a hot piece off meat…whoof!

“Is it Merlin?” her eyes glowed with excitement as she clasped both her hands as if in a prayer.

I gulp….

I slowly shake my head, but she was too delighted by the assumption, “Isn't he adorable?”

I clear my throat, “Well, err...yes...but....he isn't...”

and then she is all smiles again, “Don't worry, I will not tell a soul!”

I only nod, “Thank you...” I mutter, pointless arguing with her.

Her eyes fall to the ground, diligently she is inspecting my work, “Not bad...for someone who is not used to hard labor.” she lets out a joyous laugh before continuing to wherever she was heading.

For a minute I glare down at the floor, a young man walks across me, his shoes all muddy, I watch him wordlessly, contempt on my face as he whistle's a tune gradually disappearing from my view.

I was tempted to use my powers once more...fling a brick at him...anything to inflict pain on this giant ignorant toad...but I held my cool.

I scrubbed the floor with a ferocity I wasn't even aware of. My arms hurt yet I continued...the anger boiling within me as I scrubbed away the sticky mud.

After an hour or so, I smiled down at my accomplishment, it was now time to meet the West wing of the castle...

I carried my bucket and trotted away....

It took me a while before I admitted to myself that clearly I did not know the direction of the West wing...

Yes I was lost, and there was no one here to the movies you see a guard at every door...but not here...i hardly saw fact there was no one...

It was when I heard voices that relief took over my face, perhaps someone could help me.

“It is not meant to...”

That voice belonged to no other than Gwen, My Gweny...ready to rescue me from this labyrinth of a castle.....

I proceeded for the door, a smile plastered on my face, as I reached for the door....

“Gwen!” I exclaim.

The two shadows quickly moved away from each other...

Too quickly....

Her eyes widened...was that guilt I sensed?

And then it all became clear to me in an instant...

Arthur standing there...his eyes still fixed on her as she looked at me in shock...

It takes him a while to turn away from her, he looks at me...casually.

“Sorry...I...I....I need Gwen's help...” there was long pause....before I quickly added, “sire” to my sentence....another long pause before eventually I remembered to bow.

He did not say a word...instead he gave Gwen one last look, I noticed her eyes scurrying to the ground....before he walked past me and out the door, making sure that it shut behind him...

“I...lost my way...I heard your...”

“It is alright....let us call it a day, Kiki. feel to well...” she said slowly,

“Can we do that?”

She wiped her eyes...was she crying?

“I do not know...really....but...but....” she fumbled with her hands.

“Do you want to talk about what is bothering you?” That question I asked surprised me myself, didn't John warn me not to get involved with events around here...not to toy with history?

She shook her head, “You are right...wait outside for me...I will get some sheets and then I can show you where you need to go.”

I turn my back at her reluctantly...walking out the door.

Arthur and Gwen...yup, it was surely this Gwen alright. That...or...our arrival to this time clearly messed up history....

Then again he is young, not yet a King...perhaps toying around with the servants...many nobles did that....sleeping with the help.....

I curse out loud, admonishing myself for seeing Gwen in such a way...she didn't seem that way.

Well clearly she shouldn't be with such an arrogant fart like him, he is obviously using her and then he finds real royal love and what happens to her????

The urge of stopping this little affair from happening increased in me greatly.

But Kiki how sure are you that something is going on between them? I ask myself.

How sure am I?

The guilt on her face when she saw me barge in, perhaps....I answer

Is that all Kiki? I ask myself again....

No...not only was his look...his look of longing, of wanting what he can't have....the despair I saw in those sad blue eyes....

That look, that look that I had seen on someone else before....

Who? I try to remember...where had I seen it?


“Shit!” I curse out silently.
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