Merlin: Camelot's X by Viktobi
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Chapter 4: As History would have it

"Awesome Kiki! They are so far behind, its should have seen the geezer's face when John used the lighter...i think he might have peed in his dress..."

Bobby was grinning from ear to ear.

"It's called a Robe, Robert!" I stretch my back once more, the sight of the bed, reminded me of my discomfort.

"Look we need to go back where we came from...Scott isn't going to find this funny." I warn, "Besides...this is supposed to be their mission...not ours..."

John sighed out loud, "The little we heard, isn't going to help us in any are right Kiki, we find the cubicle and then we go back..."

"How? You don't even know how to use it... God I wonder what the X-men are up to now...probably cursing us right now..." Bobby began to pace, "We are in the Middle ages that's for sure...Arthurian time, no black plague...that's good. There is war as the old man mentioned...and sorcery is forbidden..."

"Magic does not exist in real life..." John stated,

I shake my head, "If we exist, John...then I am sure magic exists." I was referring to the fact that we were mutants...nothing is impossible anymore...

"I say we keep big ears close...he saw maybe he can help us..." I suggest

We look at each other, there are creases on John's forehead, he is deep in thought, he bites his lips until they are red, "He said we fell from the sky..."

I nod, "And if we don't find the machine?"

There was a moment silence, none of us could phantom being trapped here forever.

The smell

The food

Our friends

Our families

Our home

Hot water


No this wasn't our place...

"Then we complete their mission..." John smirked, "We need to figure out how far back we were sent, before or after the summoning of the neyaphems..."

We all nod in agreement.

"And somethings, not right with our history books...if there is no Merlin and Guinevere is called Gwen...then we must be careful of what we say around them..." he continued, "Bobby no toying around with events here...remember it can
alter everything."

"Hey! I know why we were sent chillax Pyro!"

I sigh out loud. God help us all!

The wooden door creaked open and funny ear's head appeared, "Are you done?"

We look at him intensely, "Yes, Merlin..." John speaks for all of us, "However we do need your help."

"Sure...I can show you the quickest way out of Camelot." he cries out, relief clearly written on his face.

"Actually, you can show us the quickest way into the castle?"

"The castle? Why would you..." he glances at all three of us.

John raises his hands, "Look, we mean no harm...but we need some time and you can trust have our word...just find us work, something to keep us terms of shelter, we will pay you and Gaius for room and board."

I look at John, very admirable of him, to take a lead on this. I am indeed impressed, this side I had never witnessed.

Merlin is hesitant,"I really don't think this is a good act different, and look it...they will be suspicious."

"Rubbish, Merlin!" Bobby nudges him on the side, "Give us a few clothes, tell us what to say and what not to say and it will all be fine."

He sighs, "I can get you work at the stables..." he turns to me, "Gwen might have some use for you..."

"Gwen? As in Guinevere?" I question, this is interesting, to meet the queen before she even knew her fate.

"Well, yes, she is Morgana's personal servant...she might have some use for you..."

"Personal Servant?" Bobby exclaimed, "The future queen of Camelot, a servant?"

I glare at him to shut up, but being Bobby he continues, "Maybe this is a different Guinevere..."

Merlin remains calm, I watch him carefully from the corner of my eye, he is weary and unsure of what to say to us. In a way I sense he would want to tell us more, but he does not trust us.

"Thank you..." John says, sounding sincere...he stretches, "Then I guess we can ask for clothes we can burrow?"

Funny ears is very fidgety at first, but he comports himself quickly, "Of course..." he says, rushing across his room heading straight for a wooden cupboard and he frantically searches for pieces of cloth...rags more like it...but these are
different times..."

He finally finds some...and quickly hands them to the guys.

He turns to me looking apologetic, "I have nothing for you...your clothing is...rather strange...the people will notice...perhaps a cloak and then maybe Gwen..."

"Yes...that will be alright I guess..." I watch my friends, touching the material, dislike clearly written on their faces, Bobby goes the extra mile sniffing on the rags, he turns his face away...well he need not say more.

Merlin notices, "They are clean..." he states dryly.

John nods, "Thank you...where we are from...its different. Forgive our rudeness."

Merlin shrugs his shoulders.

"Do you have shoes...I mean foot wear?" Bobby asks...reluctantly

I glance down at our feet, only John has shoes on, I and Bobby are barefooted...of course, he jumped out of bed...we were caught unawares...

"Yes...I have a spare..." he goes to his bed, crouches below and drags forth a pair of leader whatever...they resembled socks...hard socks...he hands them over to Bobby, who grinned sheepishly...

"I would need a pair myself..." I simply say...

"Gaius has some to spear..." he is about to head out...

"I will ask Gaius when we proceed..." I say rather lamely...I guess shoes for men and women were both alike...I am guessing for peasants it did not matter...

Great...I am a peasant...

"I have funny breath, and so do you Kiki...and you still reek of beer!" Bobby states.

I hold my hands up to my mouth and exhale into it...yes he is right, my breath is funky...not bad...but kindda funky.

My eyes turn to Merlin, "How do you clean your teeth over here?"

He smiles, he obviously found it amusing that we did not know, "With cloth of course..."

"And bad breath?" I pressure on...

"Bad breath?" he asks.

"Yes bad breath...what do you stop it."

He shakes his head, "The nobles...gargle mint and is quite..."

"We need this!" I cry out.

"Ok Gaius has can't have it all the time...what we do here is...we rinse our mouths with cold water and use a cloth to wipe our teeth, only people who work close to nobility normally..."

"Understood..." I interrupt him, "but...we need this...I need this."

Ah sweetness, I sense his dislike for me immediately.

John and Bobby agree instantly with me, leaving funny ears no choice.

We take our medieval mouthwash with much contempt, I overhear Gaius,

"They really do take their hygiene seriously," he murmurs, "a strange careful..."

But Merlin must have reassured him, the boy seemed to like us enough to give us the benefit of a doubt.

We head out to the streets...

The place is packed with all sorts, like a crowded medieval market scene.

People pushing wheel barrows, smelling of filth...both people and the wheel barrows.

Hefty women screaming all over the place, and rascal children running around helter skelter.

We do not blend in at all, I guess we are a tad bit too clean for peasant...

Then again Merlin catches the people's attention, he is quite known around...

We maneuver further down, struggling past the crowd until we arrive at a little sturdy house.

He opens the door...he did not knock...


"Who is it?" a soft spoken voice cries out.

" is I, Merlin...I have brought company..."


A young woman, about our age, steps in front of us, she is wearing a lavender dress, servant's wear clearly.

Her long hair is curly and few strands cover her face, she stares at us in astonishment.

The guys bow, "Good day madam," Bobby greets sounding very sarcastic, but amused with the whole scene...he always did turn his culture shock into some sort of comedy...I think to myself dryly.

He turns to me and says out...only for me to hear, "I expected her to be some sort of raving beauty...ah how legends have deceived us if she is the one..." he cruelly states.

He made his opinion about her beauty clear...we both turn to John.

Whose mouth is left wide open, eyes glisten as he stares at her, unable to take his eyes off her...he tries to mouth out words but finds them stuck somewhere within...there is a sudden silence between all of us.

I sigh out loud

Perhaps to you, Bobby Drake...perhaps to you...

" your help..." he burst out...leaving Merlin baffled...the untold plan, which had been pretty clear from the beginning was to let Merlin do the talking...

She smiles at him, "And you are?" she asks this staring him straight in the eyes.

John, takes his eyes off her immediately, probably realizing only now that he had been staring...

Bobby looks at me raising his brows, it was the What-the-hell and the did-you-see-that look translated into a single eyebrow raise technique.

I shrug my shoulders and whisper back at him, "I believe John does not share the same views as you."

Merlin coughs out loud...he heard me. He walks to Gwen and drags her away from us.

We look at John, who notices us stare at him.

"What?" he asks sounding defensive.

I shake my head, Bobby on the other hand reveals a devilish smirk

"Nothing...John...nothing...Just toying around with events here...remember it can alter everything..." he mockingly mimicked.

"Shut up!" John retaliated back, causing his friend to burst out laughing.

Bobby turned to me grinning, but I could not laugh along with him...something just felt so awfully disturbing with what I had just witnessed here...

That look on John's face...wasn't just any wasn't and if you had been here with me you would have agreed wholesomely.
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