Merlin: Camelot's X by Viktobi
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Chapter 3: The route to clarity

With great effort I managed to open my eyes. My head was thumping with fervor and my back was pounding with tremendous pain.

I noticed a pair of eyes staring down at me, uncertainty written on them, the image was quite blurry but a few seconds later I noticed that the pair of eyes belonged to a young man, around my age with a funny set of ears.

"You are awake…." He said, smiling.

I tried to get up from the funny smelling bed, my head hurt and I noticed I was still wearing my jeans and night shirt.

"My head hurts…." I mumbled this more to myself.

"Ah yes, that was quite a fall. All three of you…you fell into the bushes, lucky I was there. I dragged you out all by myself!" he said rather boastfully.

And then it hit me, John? Bobby? What happened to them? I cleared my throat, "And my friends?"

"They are with Gaius in his study. A strange lot, but that is to expect having fallen from the sky, I presume."

We fell from the sky? What about the cubicle? What happened to that?

I only nodded.

He was looking around, a nervous fellow indeed, there was an uncomfortable silence between us. My guess was he was not used to being around girls, then again who wouldn't be nervous. I would have been, if I had to interact with someone who plopped out of the sky.

I took the opportunity to glance at my surrounding.

It wasn't necessary the cleanest of state, the room was cool and smelt stale, I turned to face the big eared fellow who had saved my life. I smile at him uneasy, he is covered in rags….

What year is this? I think to myself…where the fuck where we?

I slowly got up, "I need to see them…"

He hesitates for a while…but then suddenly blurts out loud, "You are not safe here!"

I turn to him…he backs away immediately, "You have magic!" he says tensely, "I saw how you appeared…from nowhere! You are not safe in Camelot!"

Camelot? Camelot…the Camelot? Can it be?

"I need to see my friends, where are they?" I asked trying to keep calm

He pointed out the door and I walked out.

"I can't eat this shit!" John pushed the porridge away…he smiled when he noticed me coming in, "Ah Kiki, good morning to you! I am glad you can join us on this eventful day. We thought you would never wake up…"

"I feel funny…" I whisper, an old man caught my eye, he was standing a bit too far away from all of us.

The big eared boy crept up behind me, "I am Merlin…and…and…this is Gaius."

The old man eyed me suspiciously.

"Your friends are John and Robert….you are?"

Robert? Ahh yes Bobby….Bob Robert

I sigh out loud, they had obviously gotten used to their situation, I slowly turn to Merlin, and smile, "I am Kiki." After which I proceeded to the table.

"They think us to be some sort of magical beings or something hilarious." John leaned closer to me, "Can you imagine? We are in the stone ages…CAM-Hell-Lot or something like that."

"It's that legend story, the ones we did with Ororo for history. Crazy…This is all so surreal. I am not believing any of it." Bobby laughed out loud, "The old geezer is scared of us…especially when John heated his food…"

"If that's what you call it…thing taste like poop." John dipped the wooden spoon into his porridge, stabbing deeper into it, "It looks like urine…clogged urine..." he commented dryly before slurping on it.

"You guys revealed your powers to him?" this was interesting news.

Bobby simply shrugged his shoulders, "He's been assuming the minute we appeared here…so why not, besides ever since then he has been plastered to that wall…We didn't reveal anything...John helped him with his lighter...That wasn't
a good idea...Anyways, join us! The food is disgusting."

I rolled my eyes, back hunched I reached for the bowl, John wordlessly poured in some porridge for me, he winked at me and the two of them watched in anticipation how I wordlessly tasted the brew.

I spat it out immediately.

They burst out laughing

The one called Merlin laughed out loud, "You will get used to it, it's not exactly one of Gaius's finest, but it keeps us full."

"We need to go!" John suddenly said, "We do not belong here…" he turns to both Merlin and Gaius, "they know we don't"

Gaius straightened up, "Ah…then where shall you go? Where are you from?"

Bobby sighed, "Not from here…too far, I doubt you would even understand…"

"A lot of things need not have understanding…but you have come at a dangerous time…the kingdoms are at war with each other…" Gaius turned to Merlin, "...and they have magic...there is no way Uther will welcome them here."

"Uther?" Bobby turned to us, "Who the hell is that?"

"He is King of Camelot..." Merlin mumbled, "and he does not like magic...magic is banned here..."

"I thought Arthur was King of Camelot..." I say this absent-mindedly.

My statement surprised the two Camelotians greatly.

"No...Arthur is the Crown Prince of Camelot...Uther is King, " Merlin corrected me confidently.

I bit my lips, "Ah, so Arthur isn't King he married to Guinevere?"

"Ah! Of course...Camelot!" Bobby exclaimed, "Hahaha Kiki, how you figure out stuff I neever understand." he slapped me hard on my back.

"Wait!" Merlin walked over to the table, "How...?"

"How do we know?" John completed his words, "Well, it's's's what will come to pass."

The boys from the future burst out laughing.

"No! You don't understand...Arthur isn't King and Gwen can't marry Arthur..."

I shrug my shoulder, "Well maybe not now, but when Uther dies then Arthur is King and when Arthur finally meets Guinevere they will marry. Simple as that!"

"Did you just say Gwen? Even in class we never called her that..." Bobby snickered, he was finding it all amusing.

Merlin ignored his side comment, he turned to Gaius, obviously searching for help from the old man, but he only shook his head.

"You cannot say these things out loud and you cannot stay here if you use magic."

" the way, did you know that Arthur's trusted mentor is the old and wise Merlin, he should be about Uther's age..." Bobby smiled, "We'd like to have an audience with him."

I nod enthusiastically, "Yes...we would like to see the wizard Merlin..."

"I am Merlin. And I am Arthur's personal servant..."

We were all standing now facing him, I look to Gauis who seemed to agree with the young man.

"You are a peasant!" John retorted.

"John!" I scolded, quickly I turned to Merlin, "We mean the other Merlin, the one who has magic."

"There is only one Merlin in Camelot and that is me and...I..."

"He does not have magic!" Gauis cut in, "You are not from our lands...perhaps even not from our time. You need to tell us...why you are here?"

"We need a minute alone..." I calmly point out, "Can we use your room, Merlin?"

He nodded, "yes, please"

I turn my head in the direction of his room, "Let's talk."

John and Bobby wordlessly follow me.

Before closing the door shut I can hear Gaius whisper to Merlin,

"Be weary Merlin...they are surely bad news..."
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