Merlin: Camelot's X by Viktobi
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Author's Chapter Notes:
- Introducing the Xmen...Kiki is a mutant I created in order to aid first person point if view...the others are from marvel.
The neyaphems are also marvel...enjoy the story people
X-mansion, the 21st Century

It was middle of the night when the thumping sound drained into my ears. I sprang out of my bed instantly.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed, quickly grabbing the pair of trousers I had worn earlier during the day and struggling to put them on before eventually dashing out of my room.

The first thing that came to my mind was Bobby. He and a few of us were the only ones spending the Summer break at the mansion unlike others like JP, Kitty and Rogue who figured a summer holiday in Mexico wasn't a bad idea.

Over the years he and I grew closer much to John's disgust.

His room door was a wide open, which was a good thing. As expected, Bobby was in a sweet slumber. I rattled him awake,

"Wake up, Bobby! Iceman, Wake up!"

"Huh? Kiki? What the..." he got up slowly

"Did you hear the noise?" I whispered.

"What bloody noise?" he wiped his eyes, "You heard a noise? That's all?"

"No no...I think something is up...come on" I dragged him out of his bed...I knew he didn't expect much since the last attack on mankind which was Toad proclaiming himself president (nothing really Magneto managed to put him back in his place), otherwise nothing seemed to going on with the X-men.

Bobby in his delirousness found it difficult to search for his shirt, I found it eventually and handed it over to him, "Hurry up! Let's find out what's happening."

We proceeded to the corridor and behold before us we saw Pyro approaching, "What are you guys doing up?" His breath was reeking of alcohol.

"Pfft, dude...where the hell are you coming from?" Bobby held his nose tight, "Jesus! You are reeking man!"

"The bar...What are you two up to?" John asked, clearly disgusted by the fact that Bobby and I had become close over the years. I guess when you attend the same college and the same major, this is what happens.

"She heard noises...she woke me up...and now we are going to investigate." he turned to me,

"Although, I think it is her imagination again."

I had cried wolf too many times...

John smiled, "Something is up alright...Forge is here, been here for like weeks now and Storm and Angel had a fight. Angel got jealous. That's about i guess the..."

He was interrupted with a loud thump from below.

"See!" I exclaimed, "Did you hear that?"

The guys did not utter a word, instead they silenced me.

"Hush!" Bobby nodded, "It's coming from the library...let's go"

The three of us quietly went downstairs, the library lights were on and as we approached closer I could make out the voices coming out from the room.






and an unknown man

"Zer is trouble, Scott..." Nightcrawler said, "Forge iz right, Ve haf to act on zis..."

"I cannot believe this is even sure are you?" Ororo's firm voice sounded worried, "How can this be possible?"

The unknown man was Forge, i heard alot about him, he used to be the former lover of Ororo...she once told me how close she had been to marrying him.

A handsome man indeed...from the corner of my eye I saw him standing tall and proud, his eyes focused on Ororo's although Warren was not in my view, I could sense him boiling from withing.

"It is possible Ro...we may have defeated the Neyaphem, but in an alternate the past perhaps, I don't know...someone released them...and they are now more powerful than ever."

I turned to face Bobby and John, fear clearly written on our faces.

The Neyaphem are back? How? We defeated them years ago...

"Zer are different...stronger...I can sense zis" Kurt's voice was shaky, "I fear...zey ver newer defeated..."

Forge nodded along, "How are you feeling Warren?" he suddenly asked.

Something was wrong with Warren?

" wings...they are powers..."

"We know their origins." Scott interrupted, "Forge...the time travel you"

"I don't know...I just made isn't ready...but we have to act now...they will attack soon..."

"Scott and I will inform the rest and we have sent out messages to our allies and the brotherhood...but Forge, we have to travel back in time...we have to stop whoever released them in the past or wherever from releasing them...or at least defeat them once and for all...Warren is disappearing before our very eyes..." Ororo pleaded, she turned to Angel, "I don't know what I would do without you, my love."

He held her close and I only rolled my eyes. These two were still going strong.

Warren sighed heavily, "My ancestors lost the battle...they must have been killed off...this can only explain my transformation."

Jean nodded, "You are not transforming Warren, you are disappearing...ceasing to exist." she turned to Forge, "We have no choice, we need to use the machine..."

Scott walked towards his old friend, "Your powers have never failed us, I trust the machine will do the rightful...who will go?"

There was silence until Bobby sneezed.

"We are not alone!" Jane exclaimed.

"Shit!" John muttered, slapping Bobby lightly on his back. "Let's go"

We ran...the elders followed, i could hear Scott commanding us to stop.

The elevator shaft opened before us, I could hear John urging us to jump in.

As the doors closed slowly before us, i could see the eyes and hands of the remaining X-men reaching out for us...

in the distance I swore I could hear Forge scream out "Nooooooooooooooooooo!"

and the voices of Ororo and Jean calling out our names.

Bobby quickly pressed a button...

and it was only after he pressed it...did I know...and I am pretty sure he and John as well...

It was only after he pressed it...did we all know...that we were not in just any regular elevator cubicle...

especially after the "zapping" sound it made...

"Fuck!" I could hear John cursing, "We are so screwed right now!"

and almost instantly, after he said that and before I could reply, everything around me...turned pitch black...
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