A fine frenzy by Lady_Adoneathe
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Summary: Princess Amelia from Ellesmere feels caged. When her brother is sent to Camelot, Amelia follows hoping to use her knowledge in healing but she meets a prince from a past that could become her future.
Rated: PG13/12
Categories: FPF Het Characters: Bradley James
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Arthur/OFC
Warnings: none
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Word count: 12796 Read: 20137
Published: Sep 07, 2010 Updated: Sep 22, 2010

1. A blast from the past, and introductions. by Lady_Adoneathe [Reviews - 1] (1964 words)
This is a brief intoduction to my characters that I own. Amelia, Gilrean, King Monmouth, Alistiar. The next chapter will involve Arthur. I promise. :D

2. Deep reveries. new adventures. by Lady_Adoneathe [Reviews - 0] (2830 words)
I felt like i needed to show Arthur. :D Oh i must say that i do not own anything to do with Merlin just my characters. :)

3. Arrival at Camelot. by Lady_Adoneathe [Reviews - 0] (1419 words)
:) this is where all our favourite characters are coming into play. YAY!

4. Angry brothers and clumsy dancers. by Lady_Adoneathe [Reviews - 0] (1836 words)
:) It's getting better, i promise!

5. Thank yous and little somethings. by Lady_Adoneathe [Reviews - 0] (1814 words)
**** in this chapter stands for dream OR vision depending on what you fancy. :)

6. Open your hands and what do you find? by Lady_Adoneathe [Reviews - 0] (1621 words)
:) :)

7. Mr Arthur Smelly Feet Pendragon! by Lady_Adoneathe [Reviews - 0] (1312 words)
introducing the thought of King Cenred. ooo-err!