A fine frenzy by Lady_Adoneathe
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Author's Chapter Notes:
introducing the thought of King Cenred. ooo-err!
Amelia arrived at dinner an hour later with a small smile on her face, Arthur’s kiss, his touch had felt amazing to Amelia’s senses and it felt like something had finally burst inside of her… maybe finally she would be loved by who she was not by WHAT she was.

“Princess Amelia I believe you have been offered many suitors recently?” King Uther asked genuinely interested. Amelia nodded.

“That I have, none have suited me though.”

Arthur smiled into his drink.

“And who have they been?”

Amelia looked to her brother and laughed. “Many princes, dukes and kings both near and afar.”

King Uther laughed. “I have heard rumours that King Cenred has offered his hand but rumour has it you refused outright.”

“I do not believe King Cenred has ever witnessed love or humour so I do not see how I could be suited too him, my father however disagrees.”

“Is that so?”

Amelia nodded before continuing.

“King Cenred can offer me security in abundance but that is not my only need.”

“My sister believes in true love and happiness but we know it does not always work that way.” Alistiar chipped in. Amelia looked at her brother. This man was capable of love but he chose not too. It was a sad sight to see.

“I believe it to be true brother and I will persist until I have it.”

King Uther gave a growl of laughter. “That you will do n doubt!”

Amelia turned back to her plate that was three quarters finished and began picking off grapes from its vines.

“My lady?”

Amelia looked up to see Gwen standing with a vase in her hands.

“Yes Gwen?”

“More wine?”

Amelia was not aware of how full her goblet was so she consented it to be filled.

As Gwen was filling the goblet, Amelia saw how Gwen managed to slip a small piece of paper under her plate.

Looking at Gwen questioningly, Gwen could only pretend too look oblivious before walking off.

Staring ahead Amelia tried not to be aware of the piece of paper that rested under her plate since she had decided to wait a length of time before retrieving it.

After a considerable amount of time had passed Amelia moved her hands to the side of the plate pretending to lift her fork but instead grab the piece of paper and put it on her lap.

Feeling suddenly paranoid that she was being watched, Amelia undertook a little conversation with Morgana before returning to the piece of paper.

The piece of paper was in fact a note, that Amelia observed that the neat hand writing was neater than her own before actually reading it.

Do not look up at me when you read this, it is I Arthur.
Would you like to accompany me around the gardens tonight after dinner? To reply look at Merlin and nod if you want too, he will then nod as well and I will know your response, as I will be watching him. If you do not wish this then I am sorry to have troubled you. If you say yes, I will arrive at your chambers at 8 this evening.
Arthur Pendragon.

Amelia’s heart was beating so fast it felt like her heart would break free from her rib cage.

Slowly looking up from her letter she could see Merlin looking at her with a know it all smile on his face.

Raising her eyebrows, she nodded slightly then laughed softly when she saw Merlin repeat her action.

Dinner could not pass fast enough and with steady relief she pelted it too her chambers to get ready.

Putting some rose water on her skin and a quick tidy up of her hair and she was ready for Arthur’s arrival.

Sitting herself by the fire she could not help but feel her anticipation levels increase steadily as the time past but her eye- lids were gradually getting heavier…

Amelia was feeling slightly dazed but felt a sense of urgency in her heart, she needed to be somewhere, she needed to find someone…

Looking down Amelia could see something red on her hands.

Was that blood? Did it belong too her?

Amelia’s feet began running at least they knew where they were going.

Within minutes she was on grass and the stench of smoke and bodily fluid seeped through the air.

Amelia stopped abruptly and felt sick.

She was on a battlefield surrounded by knights and soldiers of Camelot both dead and barely alive.

But something caught her eye.

Taking a direct left she found herself walking towards somebody who was sprawled on the ground.

When she got closer she screamed.

To the left was an older Merlin, bloodied and bruised seemingly unconscious.

To the right however lay Arthur who looked like he was sleeping.

At once Amelia fell down beside him only now noticing that she herself was wearing armour as well.

Stifling a cry Amelia cradled onto Arthur’s body.

“Amelia…” But Amelia’s sobs were blocking anyone else’s voice.


Amelia jumped out of her skin when she saw Arthur leaning over her.

“I am sorry, I did not mean to fall asleep.” Amelia apologised standing up.

“It’s alright, are you ready or would you like me to wait?”

“No I will go now if you are ready?”

Arthur crooked his elbow slightly indicating for Amelia to slink her arm through.

Amelia did so willing happy to feel warm radiating through his clothes.

That dream had made her blood run cold.

They walked to the gardens in silence, Arthur only breaking it to speak to some knights on the way. Once in the garden however Arthur broke it once more.

“You seemed to have formed a friendly relationship with my servant Merlin.” Arthur stated noticing how Amelia smiled.

“Yes I have, is that a problem?”

Arthur seemed to consider this for a moment. “Depends on what he is telling you.”

Amelia snorted with laughter slightly nudging Arthur.

“He told me your horribly messy and have horrid smelling feet.”


Amelia laughed loudly now. “Come on Arthur Smelly feet Pendragon!”

Amelia ran ahead slightly but was quickly caught up by Arthur.

“You cannot insult a future king like that!” Arthur said jokingly.

“I can if it’s true.”

Now both royals were standing facing each other quietly. Arthur lifted a piece of Amelia’s brown locks and started playing with it.

“You are the only person besides my father and Merlin that answers me back.”

Amelia laughed lightly. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

“It is.”

Amelia coughed. “It’s getting cold, can we go back in?”
Arthur nodded dropped her hair but lifting her hand instead.

“They are so cold.”

Amelia nodded. “They always have been”

Without a second thought Arthur locked his hand with Amelia’s they fitted together like lock and key.

Both Amelia and Arthur looked at each other and smirked before walking back to the castle hand in hand.

A knight that Amelia had not met before greeted them at the entrance doors.

Immediately Amelia positioned herself in front of Arthur and hers interlocked hands.

Amelia was relieved to find that Arthur still had not removed his hand.

“My lady, Prince Arthur.” The knight bowed.

“Knight Guy what is it?”

“Another town has been attacked – your father has requested your presence.” Guy said solemnly.

Amelia looked to Arthur concerned. They had not heard the bells.

“I must go.” Arthur said simply.

“Of course.” Amelia then revealed the interlocked hands, but raised them to her mouth then placed a kiss on them.

“Princess Amelia – Gaius has requested you to help him, there are many injured.”

Amelia finally released her hand and at once felt her hands go considerably colder.

“Thank you for tonight.”
Chapter End Notes:
**** either dream or vision up too you on that one!
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