A fine frenzy by Lady_Adoneathe
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Author's Chapter Notes:
:) this is where all our favourite characters are coming into play. YAY!
Coming out of her reverie she noticed that sky had now turn orange with the sleepy sun and that she could hear name being called, turning around she noticed Hama sitting up disgruntled.

“You were supposed to wake me at first light.”

Amelia turned too the knight from Camelot with an apologetic look on her face.

“Sorry, it seems I have a lot of things on my mind.”

The Knight of Camelot smiled at the princess but once the princess had turned away the smile dropped. What could be on the mind of such fair a face? She was far too young to be worrying about anything important other than suitors and dresses.

“Shall we go – the sooner we get there the better I’d rather not be in the open with only one soldier.” Amelia said getting up and making her way to the horse.

Yes she was finally making her own adventure no longer having to stand back and be a spectator in her siblings’ adventures, but somehow it wasn’t giving her the thrill that she thought she would get from being free without a father or duty looming over her.

When she arrived at the horse she stared at it warily as the horse ate at the grass available.

“Do you need help to get on the horse my lady?” Hama asked from a considerable distance away from her, as he was busy trying to make a breakfast worthy of eating.

Amelia looked over at the knight who was hunched over a bag of what she guessed was filled with food supplies.

“No I’m just wishing that I never had to sit upon of these ever again.”

Hama who seemed to of found whatever he was looking for looked up and smiled.

“I’ve never met a royal like you.”

Amelia laughed freely for the first time in what she felt was ages.

“Come along my dear Hama we have a long distance to go.”

Hama who had just devoured what seemed like a roll of bread in one gulp jumped onto the horse easily but not before handing Amelia her roll of bread. Amelia noted that the piece of bread was made roughly not at all like the soft rolls you get at the palace back home and immediately she felt guilty.

She should have brought provisions but in her temper and flurry to get away she had completely forgotten.

Amelia should have learnt that your temper never got you anywhere she was after-all a princess.

Thankfully due to the pace that Hama and Amelia rode at they were finally there within four days.

“My lady there is Camelot.” Hama said proudly. Amelia who could not see over Hama’s body leant over to the side to see Camelot once more.

Amelia had a smile on her face that was nearly as big as the sun that was slowly rising behind her when she noted that although it was barley morning there was already smoke issuing from the quaint houses that surrounded the castle.

Amelia was never failed to see how hard working normal every day people were, these were the people that kept a city going not the monarchy.

The horse entered the cobbled lower city and was welcomed by two armed soldiers.

“Who goes there?” the voice commanded.

“Knight Hama and Princess Amelia of Ellesmere.” Hama jumped down from the horse and then helped Amelia.

“Good morning, shouldn’t you be letting the King know that I am here?” Amelia said airily.

The two soldiers looked at each other, bowed then trotted off as fast as their armour could let them.

“Shall I take you to the castle?” Hama asked. Amelia raised her eyebrows.

“Of course, I’m not planning to stay here.”

Amelia smiled wistfully before linking her arm with his so that he could lead the way.

As Amelia had expected the people of the city had turned out of their beds and duties to catch a look at the distant princess for it had been two years since they last saw her.

“Has it changed much?” Hama asked feeling superior that he had a princess on his arm.

Amelia thought about this for a second or two. “No I’m eager to see if the royals have though”

Hama wondered if there was a certain royal in particular she was eager to see.

When they had arrived at the entrance of the castle there stood the royals of Camelot as well as Amelia’s own brother Alistiar. Amelia shook herself free and walked to the bottom of the steps and bowed.

“My dear Amelia welcome.” King Uther bellowed jovially much to the surprise of Hama – the king wasn’t this cheerful ever.

“My lord I am sorry to come unannounced.” Amelia whispered.

King Uther had walked down towards Amelia and lifted her chin to gain a look at her face.

Uther almost gasped Amelia had grown to look like her late mother whom Uther was very close too.

“Now don’t be silly, you are welcome to Camelot anytime although your brother is not very happy with you.” Uther said kindly whilst taking a look at the heir of Ellesmere, his face was livid.

Amelia stood back up and glanced at her brother. To Amelia it was hard to see where her brother’s frown ended and where his face began, also she noted that his arms were crossed a posture he only ever took when telling off his soldiers.

“What brings you to Camelot?” Uther says gently now putting his arm out for Amelia to take, which she does and they begin to walk into the hall without any more introductions.

“I heard you needed healers – so I thought I’d offer you my expertise.” Amelia said quietly.

“I asked for many…” Uther started.

“I thought quality over quantity.” Amelia stated. Uther took her in silence for a second before laughing loudly.

“Yes dear child, now come eat then I’ll introduce you.”

Amelia walked into the great hall to find that they were already at breakfast and that I had been placed into a beautiful woman’s chair to which she smiled but behind it was an annoyance at the new arrival.

Amelia ate like she never had before she hadn’t realised how hungry she had been for the last four days.

“So tell me are you any good in healing?” Uther asked whilst biting into an apple. The princess took a sip of her juice before answering.

“Well I hope so, my mother left me a book in my possession before she died that had all her findings in it.”

Uther nodded his head in understanding. “A fine lady your mother was.”

Amelia looked up to find that her brother was in conversation with the beautiful lady but she could also see that his fist was clenched. Amelia was in for it and she knew it.

Once breakfast was finished the King stood up and motioned for his son and the ward to come forward.

“Princess Amelia this is my son Arthur you remember him of course.”

Amelia looked to Arthur and shook her head slightly. He hadn’t changed at all except he had definitely filled out more and his hair seemed more golden and untidy since the last time.

“Amelia – you have changed some.” Arthur stated nodding his head slightly.

“And this is my ward the lady Morgana.” Amelia inhaled slightly as Morgana bowed to her, Amelia felt immediately out of place.

“It’s lovely to see you again, though I don’t think you remember me.”

Amelia smiled nervously; no she didn’t, the last time Amelia was too worked up on marriage proposals that she didn’t take in much else on her last visit.

“No I’m afraid not sometimes my head becomes like a sieve.”

Amelia noted Arthur raising his eyebrows.

“Well Amelia I’m sure you’d like to freshen up and rest we can all talk later at the feast, Morgana’s maid will show you to your rooms.”

Amelia bowed at King Uther. “Thank you for your generosity towards me.”

Uther pushed back the compliment. “Not at all”

A maid of dark skin who wore a simple pale blue dress came forward and bowed. “This way my lady.”

Amelia curtseyed and began to walk away when she heard her name being called.

“Amelia, make sure you scrub thoroughly.” Arthur said slyly. No nothing had changed.
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