A fine frenzy by Lady_Adoneathe
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I felt like i needed to show Arthur. :D Oh i must say that i do not own anything to do with Merlin just my characters. :)
Once she was out of Ellesmere she could just about see her brother's figure in the distance, noting she had a lot of catching up to do, she muttered some words to the horse and it started off in a fast pace, hoping that she wouldn’t fall off the saddle as she wasn’t an experienced rider.

Shouting his name, whilst riding was rather difficult as she was putting a lot of energy into keeping on the horse and she was quickly becoming tired. When she thought that there was no hope of getting Alistiar to turn around, the rider turned around as if wanting to catch a last glance at the city before continuing, then noticing that somebody was following the rider turned back and went towards Amelia.

Dismounting her horse she stood beside it waiting for Alistiar to turn up but then noticing as the rider got closer that in fact it was somebody totally different all together and now that she was out in the open this person could kill her right now and nobody would ever know.

Frozen by fear, all she could do was wait for the rider to approach her. It seemed to take forever.

Amelia’s heartbeat seemed to have skipped a heart beat, as the rider was fast approaching. Within a couple of minutes the rider would be upon Amelia and she couldn’t do anything about it but wait.

Much to her relief it was a rider of Camelot noticable by the red cape billowing around him and as the rider came up to her, she noticed that the rider looked just as relieved as she did.

“Rider of Camelot why are you so far from home?” Amelia asked slowly getting back from her inability to move.

“I am a messenger but I was sent away by a lord of Ellesmere,” The rider replied looking sheepish.

“Come I’ll take you,” Amelia replied moving to her horse but proving she was a bit unstable, the rider then got off his horse and went to help her.

“You cannot ride in your condition come ride with me,” The rider said holding out his hand.

“You know best,” Amelia mumbled and took the riders hand.

“What is your horses name my lady?” The rider asked once he had helped her up onto his horse.

“To be honest the horse isn’t mine, I was rushing to catch up on my brother,” Amelia muttered, the rider nodded and said something to the horse in his own tongue and the horse moved his head in recognition of what he was saying. Then as if it was the easiest thing to do he mounted the horse and made the horse move and once more they were on move slowly with the other horse trotting beside.

“What is your name rider?” Amelia asked piercing the silence that fell between them.

“Hama my lady and yours?” Hama replied keeping his eyes ahead.

“Amelia,” was her response and with that they fell into silence again, and Amelia could feel her heart breaking as the words she had last said to her brother were harsh as she did not know if she would she her brother again for some time.

Soon enough they were entering the city again, and the women of the city went into whisperings as they saw Amelia on a horse with a Camelot rider. They reached the hall, and Amelia departed for she didn’t want to face her father. Not yet.

Hama went in and she sat at the steps waiting for him to come back out. An hour and a half later, and Hama came out looking rather defeated.

“What is wrong?” Amelia asked out of the shadow, and Hama jumped because he hadn’t seen her.

“My king needs healers, but your King will not spare any,” Hama said with a slight bitter tone, Amelia seemed thoughtful.

“ I know you probably want more than one, but I am willing to help, I know some of the healing skills,” Amelia asked looking to see if the older man would accept or not, but after much thought he smiled.

“I would be glad of your help, when can you leave?” Hama asked.

“Now I just need to grab a few things,” Amelia said. Hama said that was okay and said he’d meet her at the gate in ten minutes.

Amelia raced off to her room, to pack a few dresses into her bag along with a hairbrush, her circlet and her mother’s bracelet, but as she was so caught up in the excitement of getting her own adventure she hadn’t even heard her sister come up behind her.

“What are you doing?” Gilraen asked puzzled at her younger sister.

“I’m going to help Camelot as father cant help,” Amelia said she was now ready to go once she put on her long black cloak.

“And you think you can?” Gilraen said then immediately regretting after seeing the momentary look of pain on Amelia’s face before it smoothed to an impassive face of stone.

“Thanks for so much belief you have for me,” Amelia said then slipping past Amelia, with her hot on her toes.

“I didn’t mean it that way, but the king wanted many healers do you think he’ll pleased when you just show up?” Gilraen said trying to reason. But Amelia ever the hot head didn’t buy it and she didn’t stop to argue with her, as she wanted to get out of the city before her father noticed.

“One’s better than none,” Amelia said stubbornly stepping up her pace, finally she reached Hama and his horse in the courtyard before the great gates.

“Farewell sister,” Gilraen said giving her a slight hug and then hopping up onto the horse.

“Farewell,” And with that Amelia left the city not to return again for some time, and although she was close to Hama, he never realised that the lady sitting behind him was weeping quietly.

It was going to be a four day journey and further and further away she came from the city the more worried she was becoming that she was now out of the safe confines of the great stoning city and with a man she didn’t know.

They had ridden all day and it was now far into the evening when Amelia begged to stop for her legs were searing with pain and she didn’t know how much longer she could stand sitting on a horse.

“What I don’t understand is why you knights could sit upon one of those forever,” Amelia muttered angrily whilst stabbing her small finger in the direction of the horse, the older man just looked at her with an amused smile.

“The knights need our horses, it is an necessity,” Hama answered, all Amelia could do was snort and sit her self on the ground, but when she sat down her dress expanded leaving her look like a pin cushion, and she was left patting it to get the air out. They decided it was best not to light a fire as it might attract attention, and Hama decided that he would let the lady rest first out of politeness and she would take the second watch. Amelia at first was restless but then finally sleep won and she fell into an uneasy sleep.

Amelia was walking up this large hill and as she passed she noticed everyone was crying as she followed the line and came to the end she noticed a few familiar faces. Her brother Alistiar alongside a raven haired lady with their heads bowed crying to the other side she noticed, two servants looking very grave and remorseful, then one person she noticed that she had never particularly got on with when she was in Camelot, was the heir to the throne of Camelot. Arthur Pendragon.. Why was he there? Why was he crying? Then she noticed it, a large stone table was in the centre and upon was somebody familiar hidden behind a glass case. But who was it? Then it clicked. It was her dead. Nobody had noticed her being there, then a man got up who was wearing a crown and addressed the crowd.
“Whether we knew Queen Amelia well or not something we do not doubt it that of the impact she had amongst the people she did know, for she was stubborn but caring, fierce but gentle, and so passes another great woman Ellesmere and a woman of Camelot,” and with that the man started to sing, but was interrupted by a loud scream.

Amelia shot forward, and breathing heavily looked around her surroundings. Looking around she could just about make out Hama figure in the distance so she decided she’d relieve him. Once she got up beside him, he was surprised to see her awake.

“What’s wrong my lady?” Hama whispered.

“No reason, I don’t feel so tired, so ill relieve you,” Amelia answered softly looking around her and wrapping her cloak more tightly around her.

“Are you sure?” Hama asked.

“Positive, I’ll waken you at first light,” and with that Hama turned and went to where Gilraen had laid. Amelia couldn’t shrug off the dream that she had just dreamt. Why was she dead? Why weren’t her siblings there? And why had the man said a woman of Camelot? Although she loved being in Camelot she never could really call herself a woman of Camelot as she never got along with Arthur, whether it was of pure annoyance or just a clash of character, each time they had met it had been nothing but bickering the whole time.

Amelia was seventeen, strong willed which was possibly not a good idea to set her loose around Camelot .She had found a secluded spot just outside the castle so she was within walking distance and easily found. It was a sunny day outside and uncannily warm for spring, so she lay down on the grass, closed her eyes and listened around her.
She was never able to do that in her own home, for the only grass they had inside the city was either for animals or in the garden beside the houses of healing. Nobody had noticed her disappearance or rather thought they didn’t, because later on at some point in the day she could her somebody’s foot- steps coming in her direction.

“It is not safe for you to be out here,” the voice said in a commanding voice, opening her eyes just ever so slightly she saw the silhouette of Arthur then lay back down.

“I’m not that far away from the castle,” Amelia pointed out, as Arthur sat down beside her.

“I suppose so a woman of your stature would probably go unnoticed,” Arthur said slyly knowing fully well this would annoy Amelia.

“And a man of your quality would obviously know?” Amelia replied sarcastically causing Arthur to laugh.

“Of course after all the women of Camelot love me after all, ”Arthur said amused, ripping some grass and running it through his hands.

“Mustn’t have much of choice then do they?” Amelia stated not opening her eyes.

“Oh plenty, I am just the best catch,” Arthur said taking a glance at the younger girl who was smirking no doubt coming up with her next comeback.

“Not saying much about the men in Camelot, then are you?” Amelia said laughing, neither of them however noticed a woman of the court standing behind them watching the gentle banter between them.

“My lord Arthur you have been requested,” The lady said quietly, both Amelia and Arthur turned around to see the intruder, once Amelia saw who it was she rolled her eyes and lay back down again.

“Off you go then Lord Arthur,” Amelia said emphasising the Lord part.

“I have never met a woman that would be so sarcastic to me,” Arthur said standing up.

“Then more people should do it more often but I fear there scared to do so,” was Amelia’s response, she let Arthur walk a few yards before shouting to him.

“Arthur?” Amelia shouted.

“What is it?” was the response.

“Your not as scary as people make you out to be,” Amelia commented causing Arthur to half scowl and half laugh before turning towards Camelot again.

After the departure of Arthur she decided she’d have to back in because most likely he had given away her spot. She was for once, right, because when she entered Camelot there stood a very angry Alistair.

“Why did you leave the castle grounds?” I looked behind him to see a very amused Arthur looking at the scene unfolding.

“I didn’t think I’d get reprimanded for it,” Amelia said steadily not wanting to let Arthur win.

“You’re a lady of Ellesmere, a princess no less, of course your going to get reprimanded for it, and you could be even marrying into Camelot,” Alistiar shouted, he was never one to keep things quiet when something annoyed him.

“Oh so that’s why I was brought here, and here was me thinking you did it out of the kindness of your heart to let me come,” Amelia said sarcastically.

“Amelia you know yourself you need to get married,” Alistiar said now quieting down, and through the corner of my eye I could almost swear I saw the men of Camelot leaning in to hear what was being said.

Arthur being one of them.

“I’ll get married when I fall in love Alistiar not when you or father sees fit, are you totally incapable of love?” Amelia said shrilly and Alistiar looked as though he had been slapped in the face, something that Amelia was so close to doing.

“When will you see I do it for your benefit?” Amelia said exasperated.

“Who was it you purpose that I marry?” Amelia asked quietly.

“Arthur the Kings son,” Alistiar said looking hopeful, Amelia looked around and spotted him beside his manservant so she walked briskly towards them ignoring the calls from her brother.

Once she reached them she gave a curtsey to which Arthur laughed aloud.

“Since when did you ever curtsey to me?” Arthur asked between laughs but Amelia narrowed her eyes at him.

“That’s because I have to do a little common curtsey before what I am about to say,” Amelia said quietly, which made Arthur lean back and cross his arms.

“My lady?” Arthur said whilst biting back a laugh.

“My lord I am sorry I thought I was on a leisurely trip to Camelot then I get informed that my family have made a proposal to you,” Amelia said formally and Arthur wondered at how much she could change due to the circumstances and he wondered does anybody see the Amelia that he saw?

“They might of done, ”Arthur responded.

“Look if we got married we’d have each other killed within the first hour of marriage!” Amelia said simply and Arthur’s manservant looked shocked that she was being so blunt.

It was so very like Arthur.

“Well…” Arthur started but Amelia cut in.

“I just want to marry for love Arthur- and we’re the polar opposites and it just wouldn’t work!” All Arthur could do was stay silent as he thought that if he opened his mouth it may release a laugh but Merlin nodded his head in agreement and Amelia raised her eyebrows which instantly lightened the situation.

“At least there’s one understanding person around me,” Amelia said laughing lightly, Merlin seemed to ease up then and gave a hearty laugh.

“That’s me of course,” Merlin said looking at the young Ellesmerian lady.

“And what of me?” Arthur said from his place on the ground.

“You…you just annoy me,” Amelia stated then stuck her tongue out quickly before turning to face Merlin once more.

“Can I ask you a favour?” Amelia asked.

“Yes of course name it,” Merlin said smiling slightly.
“I need you to pretend that you never heard that?” Amelia said pleading slightly now Merlin looked confused.

“Why?” Merlin said his brow furrowed.

“I’ll explain it to you as you take me to dinner,” Amelia said linking arms with him, she had walked a few paces and then turned back round to Arthur who was watching her take away his manservant.

“I’ll be seeing you,” Amelia said and walking off. It took Amelia a full hour to explain everything to Merlin, and right there and then she knew that she needed a servant like him – a servant that would never tell your secrets. Whether as if by chance or avoidance Amelia never seen Arthur again that visit, and when she went back it would be the first time in two years.
Chapter End Notes:
*** stands for a memory. OR dream.
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