A fine frenzy by Lady_Adoneathe
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is a brief intoduction to my characters that I own. Amelia, Gilrean, King Monmouth, Alistiar. The next chapter will involve Arthur. I promise. :D
Amelia daughter of King Monmouth.
Amelia sister of Alistiar and Gilrean

At nineteen and the youngest of her siblings, Amelia had the hardest task of establishing herself in her country. For some of the people thought she could be a stuck up spoilt girl that was doted on by her family, because that was what her clothes told them, for they were extravagant, and in rich colours, but of course nobody ever stopped to think, that she didn’t like wearing those dresses just as much as the people didn’t like looking at them. But of course most of the people marvelled at her, and called her one of the jewels of the city. Amelia was a short tempered and stubborn and at nineteen she knew exactly what she wanted, but didn’t know how to get it.

Ever since her mother had died, her father grew ever colder towards her, for she looked the most like her mother and he couldn’t stand her for that as it was a constant reminder that his love was dead. Amelia was seven when she first noticed her father almost squirmed at the sight of her.

** One winter’s day ***
The King of Camelot and his men were arriving in Ellesmere to stay and Amelia was requested to wear her best dress and go down into the dinner hall to meet them. Ioreth her dress maiden had been pulling out all the stops and produced a scarlet coloured silk dress, with pearls around the bodice and sleeves, all in all Amelia knew it was going to be a lot of showing off done when she went down. Even at seven years of age she had to a wear a corset, hoop skirt and the dreaded bum roll in order for the dress to sit properly. An hour and a half later, with lots of pulling and tugging and sweat both from Amelia and Iroeth she was ready to go downstairs. With her small circlet placed on her head she was ready to go. Just as she was finished a knock came to Amelia's chamber door. Eager and excited at the thought of seeing the “ men in red” she sprang to her door and welcomed her two siblings.

“Gilrean, Alistiar, don’t I look like a lady from Camelot?” Amelia said happily swirling around showing off her dress.

“Even now she’s vein imagine what she’ll be like when she’s older,” Alistiar joked, reaching to mess Amelia’s hair, but she immediately slapped his hands away.

“Stop fooling Alistiar come along,” Amelia said trying to sound older before darting off, leaving two very amused siblings following.

Once they had reached the citadel, Amelia stopped at the doors and smiled to the guards who smiled happily back waited for siblings to come up beside her.

“Ready to see your men in red?” Gilraen asked, looping her arm around Amelia’s right, Alistiar did the same on her left.

“Indeed,” Amelia said and could not contain her excitement.

With a nod the guards opened the great doors, revealing a large hall that at the end was full with servants and knights from Camelot as well as the Ellesmere Captains and most of all the King of Ellesmere and the King of Camelot.

Once Amelia reached the top she shook herself free and turned to the king of Camelot and curtsied.

“My child what is your name?” The king of Camelot asked although he already knew her name.

“Amelia my Lord,” Amelia said nervously getting up to look at the stern man that was currently showing a great deal of warmth on his face.

“What a lovely name,” The king said smiling, and Amelia immediately forgot her nervousness.

“Do you like my dress, I got it made specially for you too see, look it’s in your colours!” Gilraen said happily swirling around causing the distant king to laugh and the girl's father to scowl.

“It’s lovely let me introduce you to my Son,” The King then turned to his left and moved his hand urging the boy to follow, Amelia’s siblings came up beside her as they wanted to be introduced as well.

“This is Arthur my son,” The King said Pointing to him and Amelia noted the sense of pride in his voice that she rarely ever heard in her own father’s voice.

Amelia smiled and looked from her brother to him and thought of the differences. Arthur’s hair was lighter and fairer of face, whether as her brother had darker hair and sterner features, and grey eyes though Amelia was the exception as she had dark brown eyes.

“We have the same colours on!” Gilraen smiled happily but just getting a nervous smile in return, she backed away slowly and whispered too Gilraen or tried too by saying,
“They don’t say much do they?” This gained laughs from both of her siblings and the King of Camelot but finally her father intervened.

“Come child, don’t be insolent now,” Monmouth boomed from his seat, everyone stopped except for the people from Ellesmere as they were used to his coldness, but the Camelot men were shocked that a man could speak that way to a young girl.

“Father I was just-,” Amelia started but snapped shut her mouth when she seen the look on her father’s face.
“IT’S HIGH TIME YOU LEARN YOUR MANNERS LIKE YOUR SISTER AND BROTHER GO AWAY FROM MY SIGHT,” lord Monmouth shouted raising from his seat, Amelia look like a rabbit caught in a trap.

“GO!” Monmouth shouted when he noticed that she had not moved. Now the tears started to fall freely and the dam opened, she turned around to face the King of Camelot curtsied once more before sprinting away sobs wracking her body as she ran.

** Back to present **
Amelia was lazing around in the sun, waiting for her brother’s return from his recent adventure that she was never allowed to have. As she remembered the first time she ever met the Camelot men, it had been overshadowed by her father, as everything always was. After that meeting she only ever seen the kind Camelot king twice more, the first when she was ten and the second one when she was seventeen. Although the second time was not as fun as the last visit to Camelot had been, because she was there for marriage purposes, her father wanted her to marry Arthur but she did not, and she made that very clear that she had no intention of getting married, and since then nobody has tried. Just the way she liked it.

Spending one of her rare days off, for she worked and helped around the city in the best way she could, she day dreamed until she heard a horn sounding outside the walls, Amelia heard and dashed off leaving a conversation she was in, leaving the people she was talking to annoyed, but she didn’t care her brother was back. The horns within Ellesmere replied and many crowded down to see the soldiers return. Amelia pushing her way through the throng of people could just about see her brother getting off his horse to be congratulated by men and women. Mostly women, he was well sought after, but many a time he just liked their company, but had no intention what so ever in getting married, Gilrean on the other hand was a gentler soul well taught in lore and song, and was the only sibling that had ever married.

Amelia finally escaped from the throng to the front and found herself behind Alistiar. Poking his back she awaited him turning around.

“Well done my lord, my your are BEAUT- tiful,” Amelia said in a high-pitched voice joking with her brother who laughed in return.

“Be off peasant girl!” Alistiar joked back with a mock look of disgust.

“I make your meals and this is how you repay me,” Amelia said in a hurt voice.

“Come here,” Alistiar said opening his arms for Amelia to give him a hug, and once more the seven year old within Amelia re- emerged and she jumped on him for she was rather small and only reached his collar bone. Once she had finished hugging him she held her nose.

“What’s wrong?” Alistiar asked concerned looking at his younger sister.

“You smell awful go wash please,” Amelia said with a sly smile and went off to find her sister. She did not have to look long for she found her around the corner with her husband who had also just returned from the battle.

“Gilraen,” Amelia said over the loud voices, but Gilrean heard regardless and smiled happily, her husband and brother were both back safe.

“Amelia working hard?” Gilraen asked mockingly embracing her sister.

“I was until I was interrupted by some rowdy soldiers,” Amelia said raising her eyebrows.

“Have you been talking to Alistiar yet?” Gilraen asked sobering up.

“Yes why?” Amelia asked concerned at how Gilrean would now no longer look into my eyes. Amelia knew what this meant – something was going to happen.

“He’s leaving,” Gilraen said and Amelia thought she had heard wrong.

“What?” She asked feeling as though all the air had been taken out of her.

“Father has requested him to go to Camelot” Gilraen whispered although Amelia was having none of it as she stormed off and went to find her brother.

She didn’t have to look long for she found him among some of his most trusted friends celebrating, and he gave her a smile but when he seen the look on her face he stopped smiling and looked rather concerned.

“You’re leaving!” Amelia hissed, and Alistiar went pale.

“Sister I must,” Alistiar said quietly.

“And you must stay here for your sister!” Amelia pleaded taking her brothers shoulders.

“It is the will of father,” Alistiar said with a sympathetic glance, Amelia rolled her eyes at the sentence.

“Everything’s the will of father, and what of it when you leave, Gilrean will take her leave to take time to be with her husband and I’ll be left here with the villain,” Amelia said expatriated.

“Father is not a villain, he’s just,” Alistiar started but stopped when he saw that Amelia had reached her boiling point.

“It’s okay for you, I cant believe you,” And with that Amelia ran off fuming at her eldest brother. At the celebratory lunch for victory against a pile of druids, Amelia spoke no words, and excused herself and went to her chamber to sulk.

But what she didn’t know was that Alistiar was also about to set out for his journey to Camelot but was reluctant to set out as he hadn’t said goodbye to his youngest sister, but when it was made apparent that she wasn’t coming to bid farewell, he took one look at his city and departed.

Gilraen noting that her sister wasn’t there and ran to find Amelia, and when she found her she was surprised that she was daunted at Alistiar’s departure.

“Our brother has left!” Gilraen said breathlessly and Amelia gasped in horror.

“Already?” Amelia said getting up off her chair and running out past Gilraen and darting off towards the stables.

Out of breath she mounted the closest horse and galloped towards the gates.

Many people were gathering out of their homes to see what the youngest sibling of the King was doing, unsure of whether to open the gates or not, the men looked between themselves looking the answer.

“OPEN UP,” Amelia shouted and the fierceness of her voice made them open the great gates.
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