A Heavy Price by SlytherinMalfoySnape
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Story Notes:
Spoilers for 1.09 Excalibur.
Whenever he treats the young prince, Gaius is reminded of the price of Arthur’s existence. A life for a life. He wants to shake Arthur and berate him for being so careless with a life that was bought so dearly.

It was tragic that the king lost his queen and Arthur his mother and Gaius knows more than anyone that the Pendragon family suffers. He doesn’t begrudge them this but after the Great Purge everyone knew what it was like to lose someone. Sympathy turned to fear turned to bitterness. Everyone suffers.

The physician thought if Uther knew his son’s pain, he would not treat him so harshly. Gaius lies for His Highness, Arthur made his swear an oath. Like father, like son. Arthur’s wrists are heavily bandaged from this month’s second mishap, a training accident. Gaius knows better but though it’s unjust, it is not his place to judge the King.
Chapter End Notes:
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