Foreign Adventures by MagicByMelrin
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Summary: When a mysterious letter arrives in Camelot demanding total rule over England Arthur and Merlin must travel to Scotland to find out what is going on...
Rated: G/U
Categories: FPF Gen Characters: Merlin
Genre: Action/Adventure
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Word count: 12809 Read: 27470
Published: Mar 18, 2009 Updated: Mar 18, 2009
Story Notes:
Chapter one of my amazing BBC Merlin fanfic story that I created for all you Merlin fans out here. I hope you enjoy it! A lot of hard work went into this story! You can probably get away with reading this if you haven’t read my previous story: BBC Merlin: Magic By Name Magic By Nature. I’m really sorry about the cheesy ending but I had a bout of writers block. Ratings and messages are always welcome! Ps: If the BBC find this, please, please, please turn it into a Merlin episode I beg you!

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