A fine frenzy by Lady_Adoneathe
Summary: Princess Amelia from Ellesmere feels caged. When her brother is sent to Camelot, Amelia follows hoping to use her knowledge in healing but she meets a prince from a past that could become her future.
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Genre: Romance
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A blast from the past, and introductions. by Lady_Adoneathe
Author's Notes:
This is a brief intoduction to my characters that I own. Amelia, Gilrean, King Monmouth, Alistiar. The next chapter will involve Arthur. I promise. :D
Amelia daughter of King Monmouth.
Amelia sister of Alistiar and Gilrean

At nineteen and the youngest of her siblings, Amelia had the hardest task of establishing herself in her country. For some of the people thought she could be a stuck up spoilt girl that was doted on by her family, because that was what her clothes told them, for they were extravagant, and in rich colours, but of course nobody ever stopped to think, that she didn’t like wearing those dresses just as much as the people didn’t like looking at them. But of course most of the people marvelled at her, and called her one of the jewels of the city. Amelia was a short tempered and stubborn and at nineteen she knew exactly what she wanted, but didn’t know how to get it.

Ever since her mother had died, her father grew ever colder towards her, for she looked the most like her mother and he couldn’t stand her for that as it was a constant reminder that his love was dead. Amelia was seven when she first noticed her father almost squirmed at the sight of her.

** One winter’s day ***
The King of Camelot and his men were arriving in Ellesmere to stay and Amelia was requested to wear her best dress and go down into the dinner hall to meet them. Ioreth her dress maiden had been pulling out all the stops and produced a scarlet coloured silk dress, with pearls around the bodice and sleeves, all in all Amelia knew it was going to be a lot of showing off done when she went down. Even at seven years of age she had to a wear a corset, hoop skirt and the dreaded bum roll in order for the dress to sit properly. An hour and a half later, with lots of pulling and tugging and sweat both from Amelia and Iroeth she was ready to go downstairs. With her small circlet placed on her head she was ready to go. Just as she was finished a knock came to Amelia's chamber door. Eager and excited at the thought of seeing the “ men in red” she sprang to her door and welcomed her two siblings.

“Gilrean, Alistiar, don’t I look like a lady from Camelot?” Amelia said happily swirling around showing off her dress.

“Even now she’s vein imagine what she’ll be like when she’s older,” Alistiar joked, reaching to mess Amelia’s hair, but she immediately slapped his hands away.

“Stop fooling Alistiar come along,” Amelia said trying to sound older before darting off, leaving two very amused siblings following.

Once they had reached the citadel, Amelia stopped at the doors and smiled to the guards who smiled happily back waited for siblings to come up beside her.

“Ready to see your men in red?” Gilraen asked, looping her arm around Amelia’s right, Alistiar did the same on her left.

“Indeed,” Amelia said and could not contain her excitement.

With a nod the guards opened the great doors, revealing a large hall that at the end was full with servants and knights from Camelot as well as the Ellesmere Captains and most of all the King of Ellesmere and the King of Camelot.

Once Amelia reached the top she shook herself free and turned to the king of Camelot and curtsied.

“My child what is your name?” The king of Camelot asked although he already knew her name.

“Amelia my Lord,” Amelia said nervously getting up to look at the stern man that was currently showing a great deal of warmth on his face.

“What a lovely name,” The king said smiling, and Amelia immediately forgot her nervousness.

“Do you like my dress, I got it made specially for you too see, look it’s in your colours!” Gilraen said happily swirling around causing the distant king to laugh and the girl's father to scowl.

“It’s lovely let me introduce you to my Son,” The King then turned to his left and moved his hand urging the boy to follow, Amelia’s siblings came up beside her as they wanted to be introduced as well.

“This is Arthur my son,” The King said Pointing to him and Amelia noted the sense of pride in his voice that she rarely ever heard in her own father’s voice.

Amelia smiled and looked from her brother to him and thought of the differences. Arthur’s hair was lighter and fairer of face, whether as her brother had darker hair and sterner features, and grey eyes though Amelia was the exception as she had dark brown eyes.

“We have the same colours on!” Gilraen smiled happily but just getting a nervous smile in return, she backed away slowly and whispered too Gilraen or tried too by saying,
“They don’t say much do they?” This gained laughs from both of her siblings and the King of Camelot but finally her father intervened.

“Come child, don’t be insolent now,” Monmouth boomed from his seat, everyone stopped except for the people from Ellesmere as they were used to his coldness, but the Camelot men were shocked that a man could speak that way to a young girl.

“Father I was just-,” Amelia started but snapped shut her mouth when she seen the look on her father’s face.
“IT’S HIGH TIME YOU LEARN YOUR MANNERS LIKE YOUR SISTER AND BROTHER GO AWAY FROM MY SIGHT,” lord Monmouth shouted raising from his seat, Amelia look like a rabbit caught in a trap.

“GO!” Monmouth shouted when he noticed that she had not moved. Now the tears started to fall freely and the dam opened, she turned around to face the King of Camelot curtsied once more before sprinting away sobs wracking her body as she ran.

** Back to present **
Amelia was lazing around in the sun, waiting for her brother’s return from his recent adventure that she was never allowed to have. As she remembered the first time she ever met the Camelot men, it had been overshadowed by her father, as everything always was. After that meeting she only ever seen the kind Camelot king twice more, the first when she was ten and the second one when she was seventeen. Although the second time was not as fun as the last visit to Camelot had been, because she was there for marriage purposes, her father wanted her to marry Arthur but she did not, and she made that very clear that she had no intention of getting married, and since then nobody has tried. Just the way she liked it.

Spending one of her rare days off, for she worked and helped around the city in the best way she could, she day dreamed until she heard a horn sounding outside the walls, Amelia heard and dashed off leaving a conversation she was in, leaving the people she was talking to annoyed, but she didn’t care her brother was back. The horns within Ellesmere replied and many crowded down to see the soldiers return. Amelia pushing her way through the throng of people could just about see her brother getting off his horse to be congratulated by men and women. Mostly women, he was well sought after, but many a time he just liked their company, but had no intention what so ever in getting married, Gilrean on the other hand was a gentler soul well taught in lore and song, and was the only sibling that had ever married.

Amelia finally escaped from the throng to the front and found herself behind Alistiar. Poking his back she awaited him turning around.

“Well done my lord, my your are BEAUT- tiful,” Amelia said in a high-pitched voice joking with her brother who laughed in return.

“Be off peasant girl!” Alistiar joked back with a mock look of disgust.

“I make your meals and this is how you repay me,” Amelia said in a hurt voice.

“Come here,” Alistiar said opening his arms for Amelia to give him a hug, and once more the seven year old within Amelia re- emerged and she jumped on him for she was rather small and only reached his collar bone. Once she had finished hugging him she held her nose.

“What’s wrong?” Alistiar asked concerned looking at his younger sister.

“You smell awful go wash please,” Amelia said with a sly smile and went off to find her sister. She did not have to look long for she found her around the corner with her husband who had also just returned from the battle.

“Gilraen,” Amelia said over the loud voices, but Gilrean heard regardless and smiled happily, her husband and brother were both back safe.

“Amelia working hard?” Gilraen asked mockingly embracing her sister.

“I was until I was interrupted by some rowdy soldiers,” Amelia said raising her eyebrows.

“Have you been talking to Alistiar yet?” Gilraen asked sobering up.

“Yes why?” Amelia asked concerned at how Gilrean would now no longer look into my eyes. Amelia knew what this meant – something was going to happen.

“He’s leaving,” Gilraen said and Amelia thought she had heard wrong.

“What?” She asked feeling as though all the air had been taken out of her.

“Father has requested him to go to Camelot” Gilraen whispered although Amelia was having none of it as she stormed off and went to find her brother.

She didn’t have to look long for she found him among some of his most trusted friends celebrating, and he gave her a smile but when he seen the look on her face he stopped smiling and looked rather concerned.

“You’re leaving!” Amelia hissed, and Alistiar went pale.

“Sister I must,” Alistiar said quietly.

“And you must stay here for your sister!” Amelia pleaded taking her brothers shoulders.

“It is the will of father,” Alistiar said with a sympathetic glance, Amelia rolled her eyes at the sentence.

“Everything’s the will of father, and what of it when you leave, Gilrean will take her leave to take time to be with her husband and I’ll be left here with the villain,” Amelia said expatriated.

“Father is not a villain, he’s just,” Alistiar started but stopped when he saw that Amelia had reached her boiling point.

“It’s okay for you, I cant believe you,” And with that Amelia ran off fuming at her eldest brother. At the celebratory lunch for victory against a pile of druids, Amelia spoke no words, and excused herself and went to her chamber to sulk.

But what she didn’t know was that Alistiar was also about to set out for his journey to Camelot but was reluctant to set out as he hadn’t said goodbye to his youngest sister, but when it was made apparent that she wasn’t coming to bid farewell, he took one look at his city and departed.

Gilraen noting that her sister wasn’t there and ran to find Amelia, and when she found her she was surprised that she was daunted at Alistiar’s departure.

“Our brother has left!” Gilraen said breathlessly and Amelia gasped in horror.

“Already?” Amelia said getting up off her chair and running out past Gilraen and darting off towards the stables.

Out of breath she mounted the closest horse and galloped towards the gates.

Many people were gathering out of their homes to see what the youngest sibling of the King was doing, unsure of whether to open the gates or not, the men looked between themselves looking the answer.

“OPEN UP,” Amelia shouted and the fierceness of her voice made them open the great gates.
Deep reveries. new adventures. by Lady_Adoneathe
Author's Notes:
I felt like i needed to show Arthur. :D Oh i must say that i do not own anything to do with Merlin just my characters. :)
Once she was out of Ellesmere she could just about see her brother's figure in the distance, noting she had a lot of catching up to do, she muttered some words to the horse and it started off in a fast pace, hoping that she wouldn’t fall off the saddle as she wasn’t an experienced rider.

Shouting his name, whilst riding was rather difficult as she was putting a lot of energy into keeping on the horse and she was quickly becoming tired. When she thought that there was no hope of getting Alistiar to turn around, the rider turned around as if wanting to catch a last glance at the city before continuing, then noticing that somebody was following the rider turned back and went towards Amelia.

Dismounting her horse she stood beside it waiting for Alistiar to turn up but then noticing as the rider got closer that in fact it was somebody totally different all together and now that she was out in the open this person could kill her right now and nobody would ever know.

Frozen by fear, all she could do was wait for the rider to approach her. It seemed to take forever.

Amelia’s heartbeat seemed to have skipped a heart beat, as the rider was fast approaching. Within a couple of minutes the rider would be upon Amelia and she couldn’t do anything about it but wait.

Much to her relief it was a rider of Camelot noticable by the red cape billowing around him and as the rider came up to her, she noticed that the rider looked just as relieved as she did.

“Rider of Camelot why are you so far from home?” Amelia asked slowly getting back from her inability to move.

“I am a messenger but I was sent away by a lord of Ellesmere,” The rider replied looking sheepish.

“Come I’ll take you,” Amelia replied moving to her horse but proving she was a bit unstable, the rider then got off his horse and went to help her.

“You cannot ride in your condition come ride with me,” The rider said holding out his hand.

“You know best,” Amelia mumbled and took the riders hand.

“What is your horses name my lady?” The rider asked once he had helped her up onto his horse.

“To be honest the horse isn’t mine, I was rushing to catch up on my brother,” Amelia muttered, the rider nodded and said something to the horse in his own tongue and the horse moved his head in recognition of what he was saying. Then as if it was the easiest thing to do he mounted the horse and made the horse move and once more they were on move slowly with the other horse trotting beside.

“What is your name rider?” Amelia asked piercing the silence that fell between them.

“Hama my lady and yours?” Hama replied keeping his eyes ahead.

“Amelia,” was her response and with that they fell into silence again, and Amelia could feel her heart breaking as the words she had last said to her brother were harsh as she did not know if she would she her brother again for some time.

Soon enough they were entering the city again, and the women of the city went into whisperings as they saw Amelia on a horse with a Camelot rider. They reached the hall, and Amelia departed for she didn’t want to face her father. Not yet.

Hama went in and she sat at the steps waiting for him to come back out. An hour and a half later, and Hama came out looking rather defeated.

“What is wrong?” Amelia asked out of the shadow, and Hama jumped because he hadn’t seen her.

“My king needs healers, but your King will not spare any,” Hama said with a slight bitter tone, Amelia seemed thoughtful.

“ I know you probably want more than one, but I am willing to help, I know some of the healing skills,” Amelia asked looking to see if the older man would accept or not, but after much thought he smiled.

“I would be glad of your help, when can you leave?” Hama asked.

“Now I just need to grab a few things,” Amelia said. Hama said that was okay and said he’d meet her at the gate in ten minutes.

Amelia raced off to her room, to pack a few dresses into her bag along with a hairbrush, her circlet and her mother’s bracelet, but as she was so caught up in the excitement of getting her own adventure she hadn’t even heard her sister come up behind her.

“What are you doing?” Gilraen asked puzzled at her younger sister.

“I’m going to help Camelot as father cant help,” Amelia said she was now ready to go once she put on her long black cloak.

“And you think you can?” Gilraen said then immediately regretting after seeing the momentary look of pain on Amelia’s face before it smoothed to an impassive face of stone.

“Thanks for so much belief you have for me,” Amelia said then slipping past Amelia, with her hot on her toes.

“I didn’t mean it that way, but the king wanted many healers do you think he’ll pleased when you just show up?” Gilraen said trying to reason. But Amelia ever the hot head didn’t buy it and she didn’t stop to argue with her, as she wanted to get out of the city before her father noticed.

“One’s better than none,” Amelia said stubbornly stepping up her pace, finally she reached Hama and his horse in the courtyard before the great gates.

“Farewell sister,” Gilraen said giving her a slight hug and then hopping up onto the horse.

“Farewell,” And with that Amelia left the city not to return again for some time, and although she was close to Hama, he never realised that the lady sitting behind him was weeping quietly.

It was going to be a four day journey and further and further away she came from the city the more worried she was becoming that she was now out of the safe confines of the great stoning city and with a man she didn’t know.

They had ridden all day and it was now far into the evening when Amelia begged to stop for her legs were searing with pain and she didn’t know how much longer she could stand sitting on a horse.

“What I don’t understand is why you knights could sit upon one of those forever,” Amelia muttered angrily whilst stabbing her small finger in the direction of the horse, the older man just looked at her with an amused smile.

“The knights need our horses, it is an necessity,” Hama answered, all Amelia could do was snort and sit her self on the ground, but when she sat down her dress expanded leaving her look like a pin cushion, and she was left patting it to get the air out. They decided it was best not to light a fire as it might attract attention, and Hama decided that he would let the lady rest first out of politeness and she would take the second watch. Amelia at first was restless but then finally sleep won and she fell into an uneasy sleep.

Amelia was walking up this large hill and as she passed she noticed everyone was crying as she followed the line and came to the end she noticed a few familiar faces. Her brother Alistiar alongside a raven haired lady with their heads bowed crying to the other side she noticed, two servants looking very grave and remorseful, then one person she noticed that she had never particularly got on with when she was in Camelot, was the heir to the throne of Camelot. Arthur Pendragon.. Why was he there? Why was he crying? Then she noticed it, a large stone table was in the centre and upon was somebody familiar hidden behind a glass case. But who was it? Then it clicked. It was her dead. Nobody had noticed her being there, then a man got up who was wearing a crown and addressed the crowd.
“Whether we knew Queen Amelia well or not something we do not doubt it that of the impact she had amongst the people she did know, for she was stubborn but caring, fierce but gentle, and so passes another great woman Ellesmere and a woman of Camelot,” and with that the man started to sing, but was interrupted by a loud scream.

Amelia shot forward, and breathing heavily looked around her surroundings. Looking around she could just about make out Hama figure in the distance so she decided she’d relieve him. Once she got up beside him, he was surprised to see her awake.

“What’s wrong my lady?” Hama whispered.

“No reason, I don’t feel so tired, so ill relieve you,” Amelia answered softly looking around her and wrapping her cloak more tightly around her.

“Are you sure?” Hama asked.

“Positive, I’ll waken you at first light,” and with that Hama turned and went to where Gilraen had laid. Amelia couldn’t shrug off the dream that she had just dreamt. Why was she dead? Why weren’t her siblings there? And why had the man said a woman of Camelot? Although she loved being in Camelot she never could really call herself a woman of Camelot as she never got along with Arthur, whether it was of pure annoyance or just a clash of character, each time they had met it had been nothing but bickering the whole time.

Amelia was seventeen, strong willed which was possibly not a good idea to set her loose around Camelot .She had found a secluded spot just outside the castle so she was within walking distance and easily found. It was a sunny day outside and uncannily warm for spring, so she lay down on the grass, closed her eyes and listened around her.
She was never able to do that in her own home, for the only grass they had inside the city was either for animals or in the garden beside the houses of healing. Nobody had noticed her disappearance or rather thought they didn’t, because later on at some point in the day she could her somebody’s foot- steps coming in her direction.

“It is not safe for you to be out here,” the voice said in a commanding voice, opening her eyes just ever so slightly she saw the silhouette of Arthur then lay back down.

“I’m not that far away from the castle,” Amelia pointed out, as Arthur sat down beside her.

“I suppose so a woman of your stature would probably go unnoticed,” Arthur said slyly knowing fully well this would annoy Amelia.

“And a man of your quality would obviously know?” Amelia replied sarcastically causing Arthur to laugh.

“Of course after all the women of Camelot love me after all, ”Arthur said amused, ripping some grass and running it through his hands.

“Mustn’t have much of choice then do they?” Amelia stated not opening her eyes.

“Oh plenty, I am just the best catch,” Arthur said taking a glance at the younger girl who was smirking no doubt coming up with her next comeback.

“Not saying much about the men in Camelot, then are you?” Amelia said laughing, neither of them however noticed a woman of the court standing behind them watching the gentle banter between them.

“My lord Arthur you have been requested,” The lady said quietly, both Amelia and Arthur turned around to see the intruder, once Amelia saw who it was she rolled her eyes and lay back down again.

“Off you go then Lord Arthur,” Amelia said emphasising the Lord part.

“I have never met a woman that would be so sarcastic to me,” Arthur said standing up.

“Then more people should do it more often but I fear there scared to do so,” was Amelia’s response, she let Arthur walk a few yards before shouting to him.

“Arthur?” Amelia shouted.

“What is it?” was the response.

“Your not as scary as people make you out to be,” Amelia commented causing Arthur to half scowl and half laugh before turning towards Camelot again.

After the departure of Arthur she decided she’d have to back in because most likely he had given away her spot. She was for once, right, because when she entered Camelot there stood a very angry Alistair.

“Why did you leave the castle grounds?” I looked behind him to see a very amused Arthur looking at the scene unfolding.

“I didn’t think I’d get reprimanded for it,” Amelia said steadily not wanting to let Arthur win.

“You’re a lady of Ellesmere, a princess no less, of course your going to get reprimanded for it, and you could be even marrying into Camelot,” Alistiar shouted, he was never one to keep things quiet when something annoyed him.

“Oh so that’s why I was brought here, and here was me thinking you did it out of the kindness of your heart to let me come,” Amelia said sarcastically.

“Amelia you know yourself you need to get married,” Alistiar said now quieting down, and through the corner of my eye I could almost swear I saw the men of Camelot leaning in to hear what was being said.

Arthur being one of them.

“I’ll get married when I fall in love Alistiar not when you or father sees fit, are you totally incapable of love?” Amelia said shrilly and Alistiar looked as though he had been slapped in the face, something that Amelia was so close to doing.

“When will you see I do it for your benefit?” Amelia said exasperated.

“Who was it you purpose that I marry?” Amelia asked quietly.

“Arthur the Kings son,” Alistiar said looking hopeful, Amelia looked around and spotted him beside his manservant so she walked briskly towards them ignoring the calls from her brother.

Once she reached them she gave a curtsey to which Arthur laughed aloud.

“Since when did you ever curtsey to me?” Arthur asked between laughs but Amelia narrowed her eyes at him.

“That’s because I have to do a little common curtsey before what I am about to say,” Amelia said quietly, which made Arthur lean back and cross his arms.

“My lady?” Arthur said whilst biting back a laugh.

“My lord I am sorry I thought I was on a leisurely trip to Camelot then I get informed that my family have made a proposal to you,” Amelia said formally and Arthur wondered at how much she could change due to the circumstances and he wondered does anybody see the Amelia that he saw?

“They might of done, ”Arthur responded.

“Look if we got married we’d have each other killed within the first hour of marriage!” Amelia said simply and Arthur’s manservant looked shocked that she was being so blunt.

It was so very like Arthur.

“Well…” Arthur started but Amelia cut in.

“I just want to marry for love Arthur- and we’re the polar opposites and it just wouldn’t work!” All Arthur could do was stay silent as he thought that if he opened his mouth it may release a laugh but Merlin nodded his head in agreement and Amelia raised her eyebrows which instantly lightened the situation.

“At least there’s one understanding person around me,” Amelia said laughing lightly, Merlin seemed to ease up then and gave a hearty laugh.

“That’s me of course,” Merlin said looking at the young Ellesmerian lady.

“And what of me?” Arthur said from his place on the ground.

“You…you just annoy me,” Amelia stated then stuck her tongue out quickly before turning to face Merlin once more.

“Can I ask you a favour?” Amelia asked.

“Yes of course name it,” Merlin said smiling slightly.
“I need you to pretend that you never heard that?” Amelia said pleading slightly now Merlin looked confused.

“Why?” Merlin said his brow furrowed.

“I’ll explain it to you as you take me to dinner,” Amelia said linking arms with him, she had walked a few paces and then turned back round to Arthur who was watching her take away his manservant.

“I’ll be seeing you,” Amelia said and walking off. It took Amelia a full hour to explain everything to Merlin, and right there and then she knew that she needed a servant like him – a servant that would never tell your secrets. Whether as if by chance or avoidance Amelia never seen Arthur again that visit, and when she went back it would be the first time in two years.
End Notes:
*** stands for a memory. OR dream.
Arrival at Camelot. by Lady_Adoneathe
Author's Notes:
:) this is where all our favourite characters are coming into play. YAY!
Coming out of her reverie she noticed that sky had now turn orange with the sleepy sun and that she could hear name being called, turning around she noticed Hama sitting up disgruntled.

“You were supposed to wake me at first light.”

Amelia turned too the knight from Camelot with an apologetic look on her face.

“Sorry, it seems I have a lot of things on my mind.”

The Knight of Camelot smiled at the princess but once the princess had turned away the smile dropped. What could be on the mind of such fair a face? She was far too young to be worrying about anything important other than suitors and dresses.

“Shall we go – the sooner we get there the better I’d rather not be in the open with only one soldier.” Amelia said getting up and making her way to the horse.

Yes she was finally making her own adventure no longer having to stand back and be a spectator in her siblings’ adventures, but somehow it wasn’t giving her the thrill that she thought she would get from being free without a father or duty looming over her.

When she arrived at the horse she stared at it warily as the horse ate at the grass available.

“Do you need help to get on the horse my lady?” Hama asked from a considerable distance away from her, as he was busy trying to make a breakfast worthy of eating.

Amelia looked over at the knight who was hunched over a bag of what she guessed was filled with food supplies.

“No I’m just wishing that I never had to sit upon of these ever again.”

Hama who seemed to of found whatever he was looking for looked up and smiled.

“I’ve never met a royal like you.”

Amelia laughed freely for the first time in what she felt was ages.

“Come along my dear Hama we have a long distance to go.”

Hama who had just devoured what seemed like a roll of bread in one gulp jumped onto the horse easily but not before handing Amelia her roll of bread. Amelia noted that the piece of bread was made roughly not at all like the soft rolls you get at the palace back home and immediately she felt guilty.

She should have brought provisions but in her temper and flurry to get away she had completely forgotten.

Amelia should have learnt that your temper never got you anywhere she was after-all a princess.

Thankfully due to the pace that Hama and Amelia rode at they were finally there within four days.

“My lady there is Camelot.” Hama said proudly. Amelia who could not see over Hama’s body leant over to the side to see Camelot once more.

Amelia had a smile on her face that was nearly as big as the sun that was slowly rising behind her when she noted that although it was barley morning there was already smoke issuing from the quaint houses that surrounded the castle.

Amelia was never failed to see how hard working normal every day people were, these were the people that kept a city going not the monarchy.

The horse entered the cobbled lower city and was welcomed by two armed soldiers.

“Who goes there?” the voice commanded.

“Knight Hama and Princess Amelia of Ellesmere.” Hama jumped down from the horse and then helped Amelia.

“Good morning, shouldn’t you be letting the King know that I am here?” Amelia said airily.

The two soldiers looked at each other, bowed then trotted off as fast as their armour could let them.

“Shall I take you to the castle?” Hama asked. Amelia raised her eyebrows.

“Of course, I’m not planning to stay here.”

Amelia smiled wistfully before linking her arm with his so that he could lead the way.

As Amelia had expected the people of the city had turned out of their beds and duties to catch a look at the distant princess for it had been two years since they last saw her.

“Has it changed much?” Hama asked feeling superior that he had a princess on his arm.

Amelia thought about this for a second or two. “No I’m eager to see if the royals have though”

Hama wondered if there was a certain royal in particular she was eager to see.

When they had arrived at the entrance of the castle there stood the royals of Camelot as well as Amelia’s own brother Alistiar. Amelia shook herself free and walked to the bottom of the steps and bowed.

“My dear Amelia welcome.” King Uther bellowed jovially much to the surprise of Hama – the king wasn’t this cheerful ever.

“My lord I am sorry to come unannounced.” Amelia whispered.

King Uther had walked down towards Amelia and lifted her chin to gain a look at her face.

Uther almost gasped Amelia had grown to look like her late mother whom Uther was very close too.

“Now don’t be silly, you are welcome to Camelot anytime although your brother is not very happy with you.” Uther said kindly whilst taking a look at the heir of Ellesmere, his face was livid.

Amelia stood back up and glanced at her brother. To Amelia it was hard to see where her brother’s frown ended and where his face began, also she noted that his arms were crossed a posture he only ever took when telling off his soldiers.

“What brings you to Camelot?” Uther says gently now putting his arm out for Amelia to take, which she does and they begin to walk into the hall without any more introductions.

“I heard you needed healers – so I thought I’d offer you my expertise.” Amelia said quietly.

“I asked for many…” Uther started.

“I thought quality over quantity.” Amelia stated. Uther took her in silence for a second before laughing loudly.

“Yes dear child, now come eat then I’ll introduce you.”

Amelia walked into the great hall to find that they were already at breakfast and that I had been placed into a beautiful woman’s chair to which she smiled but behind it was an annoyance at the new arrival.

Amelia ate like she never had before she hadn’t realised how hungry she had been for the last four days.

“So tell me are you any good in healing?” Uther asked whilst biting into an apple. The princess took a sip of her juice before answering.

“Well I hope so, my mother left me a book in my possession before she died that had all her findings in it.”

Uther nodded his head in understanding. “A fine lady your mother was.”

Amelia looked up to find that her brother was in conversation with the beautiful lady but she could also see that his fist was clenched. Amelia was in for it and she knew it.

Once breakfast was finished the King stood up and motioned for his son and the ward to come forward.

“Princess Amelia this is my son Arthur you remember him of course.”

Amelia looked to Arthur and shook her head slightly. He hadn’t changed at all except he had definitely filled out more and his hair seemed more golden and untidy since the last time.

“Amelia – you have changed some.” Arthur stated nodding his head slightly.

“And this is my ward the lady Morgana.” Amelia inhaled slightly as Morgana bowed to her, Amelia felt immediately out of place.

“It’s lovely to see you again, though I don’t think you remember me.”

Amelia smiled nervously; no she didn’t, the last time Amelia was too worked up on marriage proposals that she didn’t take in much else on her last visit.

“No I’m afraid not sometimes my head becomes like a sieve.”

Amelia noted Arthur raising his eyebrows.

“Well Amelia I’m sure you’d like to freshen up and rest we can all talk later at the feast, Morgana’s maid will show you to your rooms.”

Amelia bowed at King Uther. “Thank you for your generosity towards me.”

Uther pushed back the compliment. “Not at all”

A maid of dark skin who wore a simple pale blue dress came forward and bowed. “This way my lady.”

Amelia curtseyed and began to walk away when she heard her name being called.

“Amelia, make sure you scrub thoroughly.” Arthur said slyly. No nothing had changed.
End Notes:
Angry brothers and clumsy dancers. by Lady_Adoneathe
Author's Notes:
:) It's getting better, i promise!
The castle was bigger than she remembered and Amelia knew she might have problems getting around for a while.

The journey was silent except for the swishes of the maids’ and Amelia’s dresses and the clip clopping of Amelia’s shoes.

When she arrived at her room she opened the door to find it was the room that she stayed in the last two times she had been here. Immediately Amelia dived under the bed to look at the slates much forgetting the confused maid standing by the door.

“Aha!” Amelia called victoriously. Her initials were still there on the bed. AM.

“Are you okay my lady?” the maid called.

Finally remembering there was a maid standing at the door she pushed herself out and came face to face with the maid only showing a faint sign of embarrassment.

“I carved my initials under the bed when I was ten, I was making sure they were still there.” Amelia smiled widely and the maid returned it warmly.

“Is there anything you’d like me to do?” the maid asked.

Amelia removed her cloak and noted it was muddy. “Two or maybe three things if you wouldn’t mind.” Amelia’s voice was pleasant but the twang of royalty that gets their own way showed through. The maid waited silently.

“Maybe run a bath for me, help me take off these dirty clothes and tell me your name.”

The maid blushed pleasantly at having interest taking in her. “It’s Gwen my lady and certainly right away.”

Amelia looked thoughtful for a second or two. “Gwen…it suits you.”

Gwen bowed at the Princess before turning to get ready the bath.

Amelia walked towards the window and looked out to see what the world was doing. It took a few seconds for Amelia’s eyes to adjust to the bright light streaming through her windows but when they finally did a smile crossed her face.

There was a reason why she loved this room and was glad to have this room once more and the reason was Amelia loved people watching and from this window she could see the all the ordinary people of Camelot going through their daily routines.

It always made Amelia think, “what if I was one of them?”

Suddenly the door to Amelia’s room swung open revealing an angry Alistiar.

“What were you thinking sister!” Alistiar hissed. Amelia was now facing her brother instead of the window and was all too aware of the maid Gwen in the corner.

“I wanted too come, I wanted to help” Amelia said clearly.

Alistiar had now taken to pacing around the room. He seemed unaware of Gwen.

“You could’ve been killed,” Alistiar started.

“But yet here I am.”

“You’ll have to go back, you can stay the night but in the morning you will leave.” Alistiar said loudly.

Alistiar did not see Amelia flinch from him.

Something inside Amelia had now snapped and now walked towards her brother with renewed vigour. “No!”

Alistiar look disgruntled. He hated disagreeing with his youngest sister but yet it was impossible not too. “Father will never allow it.”

Amelia’s eyes flashed. She felt that she had reached her boiling point with her family.

“I am fed up having to do things according to what he wants, what you want, what Gilrean wants…” Amelia started but was cut off by Alistiar.

“Now that’s not fair!”

Amelia took a large intake of breath. “It’s true… just let me help here, I could really make a difference!”

Amelia was now begging. Gwen who was desperately wishing to be somewhere else, found it strange to hear a Princess begging for something.

It made royalty seem more human – or more particularly that royal.

Alistiar looked at his sister thoughtfully. She was like their mother in so many ways, but there was a fire inside of her that was close to being burnt out back at home.

Their father had been wearing her down for years; maybe it was time for a change.

“I’ll write to father to say you will stay.” Alistair said finally.

Amelia felt her heart swell up in affection for her brother. She embraced him tightly.

“Thank you! You will not regret this brother!”

Alistiar now made his way towards the door. “Let’s hope not.”

Once Alistiar left, Amelia now turned towards Gwen who was still scurrying in the corner putting warm water into the bath.

“I am sorry you had to hear that.” Amelia said sincerely.

Gwen who had now filled the bath up was now busy at working at the screen to hide the tub so the princess could bathe. Gwen bowed towards the young princess.
“It’s okay milady.”

Amelia smiled brightly at Gwen. Instantly Gwen felt such great warmth from that smile as though it was the sun.

Amelia had now started tugging at her dress.

“Let me help…”

Fifteen minutes later, Amelia was sitting in the tub, happily letting the water soak her skin, whilst Gwen sorted through her stuff.

Amelia could hear Gwen laughing.

“What is so funny Gwen?” Amelia called.

“You must have brought four of the most beautiful gowns in your chambers at home my lady.”

Amelia rattled her memory. She hadn’t consciously done it that much was certain.

Camelot had always meant dressing fancy for herself in the past so the thought must have stuck even when she was in a hurry.

Amelia decided to get out and see what Gwen meant. But Gwen was already waiting for her with a dress in hand.

“Put this one on – it’ll be stunning” Amelia complied.

Gwen waited on the other side of the screen, when Amelia appeared once more Gwen gasped. The top of the dress did not cover Amelia’s shoulders, but the middle part of the dress was corseted revealing Amelia’s small waist but then the skirt of the dress flowed to hide her bottom half curves.

The colour of the dress was gold and was made from a material that glimmered when the light bounced from it.

“I see what you mean by me not packing responsibly.”
Gwen did not think this however – she was dressed like a true princess.

“May I brush your hair?” Gwen asked.

“Oh please.”

When it was time for the feast, Gwen had left some hours previously as she had her own mistress to serve as well as Amelia. So Amelia was surprised when she heard a knock on the door.


The door opened to reveal her brother looking scrubbed up and handsome, who also was dressed in gold.

“We match brother.” Amelia said jovially.

“That we do – where’s your circlet?”

Amelia motioned to her bag with her hand. Alistiar riffled through the bag until he came across it.


Amelia moved towards him and bent her head slightly so it could be placed on top.

With sun already retreating it left the corridors of the castle in near darkness if it was without the hundreds of candles showing the royalty of Ellesmere the way towards the Great Hall. When they arrived the doors were thrown open almost immediately.

“Presenting Prince Alistiar and Princess Amelia of Ellesmere.”

There was an abrupt change in Alistiar and Amelia. They became regal and confident as they walked up a Great Hall that sat in awe of their golden guests. At the top they performed their bows and curtsies.

“Alistiar you can sit beside my son, while the dear Amelia can sit beside my ward.”

Amelia sat beside the tall raven- haired lady.

“Your dress is beautiful, where did you get that material?” Lady Morgana asked.

Amelia took a sip of wine before answering. “I am not sure, my sister gave me this dress.”

Morgana smiled taking in the young princess. “Are you and your sister close?”

“Not really, she is some seven years my elder, a mother and a wife but we get along just fine I suppose.”

Morgana nodded. “Do you dance?”

Amelia gasped a little. She had forgotten about Camelot’s love for dancing.

“Well, no not really, I am clumsy at dancing.”

Morgana laughed. “Might be a problem.”

Amelia looked stricken. “What do you mean?”

“Princess Amelia.” King Uther called. Amelia leaned forward to look at the King.

“Will you dance with my son?”

Amelia looked at Uther as if he was mad and she was thankful for the dimmed lighting.

“If you wish Sire.”

Uther turned towards Alistiar. “And will you dance with the Lady Morgana?”

Alistiar seemed unabashed. “Of course, I would be honoured.”

Morgana looked at Amelia and smiled coyly.

At once four chairs were scraped back as the four royals made their way to the centre of the floor.

Amelia could see the orchestra setting up and how the rest of the people in the room seemed excited for this dance.

Amelia felt nervous as Morgana and herself stood beside each other waiting for the men to take off their cloaks.

Alistiar placed a hand on Morgana’s waist and took one of her hands ready for the start of the dance. Amelia looked at Arthur nervously.

“I can’t dance Arthur.”

“Of course you can.” Arthur looked amused as he placed his own hand on Amelia’s waist and then taking her hand.

“I can’t do this.” Amelia whispered.

As if on cue the music started. It was cheerful and Amelia could see Morgana’s gown swish away from her.

Arthur and Amelia seemed to be an island surrounded by music.

“See it’s not so bad.” Arthur said, he seemed to be enjoying the fact that Amelia was trying her best not to look at her feet as they were dancing.

“It’s okay for you…you are used to being quick on your toes.” Amelia muttered.

“Yes well combat does require…” Arthur started but was cut off by Amelia finally looking at him with a smirk not unlike his own.

“Don’t bore me now.”

Arthur laughed a proud laugh. “No woman has told me that before.”

Amelia raised her eyebrows finally forgetting about the dancing. “That’s because they are dazzled by that blonde hair of yours that you manage to make look fashionably untidy.”

Both were laughing both unaware of the questioning glances from the King and Alistiar.

“Not the fact that I am a future King definitely not.”

“Who would find that attractive?” Amelia joked.

“I am not sure.” Arthur said now becoming aware of Amelia shaking slightly. “Are you alright?”

Amelia’s head was starting to spin it seemed to Amelia that it felt like someone was playing with her head.

“Arthur I need fresh air.”

Thankfully the music ended and the two couples stopped dancing, however Arthur turned towards his father.

“I ask permission to take Princess Amelia for some fresh air.”


However when Arthur turned around to face Amelia he was only just able to catch her fall.
Thank yous and little somethings. by Lady_Adoneathe
Author's Notes:
**** in this chapter stands for dream OR vision depending on what you fancy. :)
The gasps from the people in the great hall were piercing, but the whispers as Arthur carried the Princess out of hall seemed louder.

Alistiar followed close behind with the king as they made their way to her chambers.

“What happened? Alistiar said concerned.

“I do not know, one minute she was joking and the next she was complaining feeling light headed” Arthur said looking down at Amelia.

Something pulled at his heart- strings but he did not know what.

They bustled into Amelia’s room, Arthur carefully setting her down onto the bed. Once she was down they could not help but look at her as if she was a marble statue, maybe she was…

“Fetch Gaius at once!” The king shouted, at once Arthur ran from the room. Gwen however entered the room and sat the side of the bed feeling Amelia’s forehead.

She turned to the King and the foreign Prince feeling slightly abashed.

“I need to take her dress off, it’s crushing her.”
Both men looked embarrassed and began to exit when the court physician entered the room and went to Amelia.

After a few minutes of investigating Gaius turned around to find three nervous men waiting for his verdict.

“It is heat exhaustion…and that dress… what women do these days to impress men.”

Gaius looked pacifically at Arthur when he said this but did not notice.

“What can you do to cure my sister?” Alistiar shouted anxiously.

“I have a remedy that I will get right away but all she really needs is sleep.”

“Then we will leave right away,” King Uther said but first takes one long look at Amelia before exiting swiftly.

Arthur followed soon after and once he was out of the door he could be heard shouting “MERLIN!”

This left Alistiar, Gaius and Gwen alone in the room.

“I will go get the remedy and a sleeping draught, but I will return at once however Prince Alistiar can you come back in ten minutes so Gwen can change Princess Amelia?”

The prince seemed deep in thought, distraught at the thought of his youngest sibling in this state, he would have to write a letter to the King right away.

“Prince Alistiar?” Gaius called once more. Finally Alistiar seemed to come out of his reverie.

“Of course, I have letters to write…I will come back”

Gwen was left to change the princess was not an easy task, in-fact Gwen needed a drink by the time she was finished but she was happy to help.

In-fact Gwen had taken a great liking to the princess.

Gaius returned with two small vials, one with a yellow liquid and the other a clear liquid.

“Left her chin up please.” Gaius instructed. Slowly the unconscious Amelia swallowed each vial of liquid.

“Will she be okay?” Gwen whispered.

“Of course in the morning.”

Amelia was wearing a bright white dress so bright it was hurting her eyes. But then again the whole place seemed to be so bright. The castle she seemed to be wandering in was quiet, eerily so that it made Amelia feel on edge. Running slightly she took a direct right and found herself walking on grass. Why was she barefoot? It was prickly and cold.
“Ah there you are!” The voice boomed.
Looking up Amelia saw a blonde headed figure walking towards her.
“Come on wife, we haven’t got all day.” The voice laughed but Amelia was confused.
Amelia’s breath caught when she noticed it was Arthur Pendragon.

When Amelia awoke the next morning, she felt a little panicked.

The last thing Amelia remembered was dancing with Arthur but now here she was lying in her bed.

Slowly sitting up Amelia looked around herself.

It must have been past noon as the sun was splitting through her windows.

She noticed at the table there were fresh fruit, and a large vase filled with fresh flowers.

This made Amelia smile greatly.

Some time later Amelia decided to get up and get changed. Discarding the thought of a corset, Amelia looked through her bag to find that she had indeed brought a simple dress of deep red silk.

It required no tugs or pulls in at the waist.

Slipping on a pair of slippers she sat at the table and helped herself to an apple or two.

Maybe even three.

Afterwards Amelia brushed her hair and with the wild flowers in front of her put them into her hair.

Feeling satisfied after her lie in she decided for some interaction.
Taking her time, Amelia took in the sights of the castle. Taking a right she found herself in the middle of knights training.

Discreetly she shielded herself from view and came up right behind Merlin and Gwen.

“Afternoon!” Amelia said cheerfully. Both servants jumped in shock.

“Your okay!”

“Thank heavens everyone was so worried!”

Amelia looked confused. “What do you mean?”

The next five minutes comprised of Merlin and Gwen telling the princess of her fainting and of Arthur carrying her to her chambers. Amelia blushed. At once Amelia made herself noticeable to the knights except Prince Arthur.

They couldn’t take their eyes off her.

“What is getting you so distracted you LAZY bunch of- “ Arthur shouted before turning around to tell off Merlin but instead finding the princess.

At once Arthur walked towards her forgetting about the training and his men. All he could see was Amelia.

“Amelia, are you alright?”

Amelia smiled brightly, trying to ignore the fact she could see his chest in that tunic.

“I believe I need to say thank you.”

Arthur looked confused. “What for?”

“Carrying me to my chambers.” Amelia blushed and Arthur smirked.

“Not so romantic when you’re unconscious”

Amelia laughed.

Arthur reached for a piece of her hair and noticed the flowers. “What did you do with my flowers?”

Amelia swatted his hand away. “What do you think?”

“There were supposed to be for your room.” Arthur said blandly as though putting flowers in hair was a strange, unusual idea.

“I haven’t used all of them!” Amelia snapped but then stopped. “You put them in there?”

Arthur looked faintly embarrassed. “Well not me personally, anyway I must get back... to training you know.”

Amelia nodded once and looked at Arthur’s retreating figure.

“Thank you, it was a lovely thought.”

Amelia turned and called on Gwen. “Does Camelot have somebody that works with wielding glass?”

“Yes my lady.”

“Can you show me?” Amelia asked cheerfully.

“Of course, this way.”

The walk was short and Amelia was glad of this for two reasons.

The whisperings about last night seemed to be following her and Gwen’s concerned gaze watching her made Amelia feel anxious.

They reached a large wooden structure that had a large chimney that had a consistent stream of smoke billowing through it. Knocking on the door a small portly man that did not appear to have any teeth opened the door and at once bowed.

“Mi’lady what can I do for you?”

“Could you make me a necklace wrought of red glass?”Amelia asked.

The man looked thoughtful. “For yourself?”

Amelia shook her head “For Prince Arthur.”

The man nodded his head and smiled. “Aye do you have any requests on how it should look?”

“Think Masculine, think princely.” Amelia said cheerfully.

“It’ll not be ready until later today.”

“Thank you, I will come back at the end of the day!”

Amelia smiled and turned towards Gwen. “Let’s go for a walk.”

Amelia linked arms with Gwen and they walked around the city, laughing at silly things until they saw two men fighting with each other.

Getting to the front of line they saw it to be the prince and a handsome young man.

“You just made basic training.” Arthur said walking off not noticing Amelia.

“He must have done well to get his zeal of approval.” Gwen whispered. Amelia nodded, Arthur seemed like a hard man to please.

“May I meet your family?” Princess Amelia asked suddenly. Gwen looked taken aback but smiled.

“Of course!” Gwen had never met a royal so interested in their servants before.

Gwen’s father lived on the other side of the castle and when they arrived he was standing outside beating away at a piece of metal.

“Father.” Gwen said loudly to grab her father’s attention.

At once a large smile burst onto the face of the man but then took in Amelia and bowed deeply.

“It’s great to meet you.” Amelia said sincerely.

Amelia noticed a shared look between Gwen and her father.

“I could say the same, I’ve heard a lot about you from my Gwen.”

Amelia laughed. “All good I hope!”

Gwen nodded earnestly. “Of course!”

Amelia looked at Gwen’s father. He was a tall man, with lovely smooth dark skin and a very bright smile.

“What can I do for you anyway princess?” Both Gwen and her father were looking intently.

“May I have a go at what you’re doing?”

At once Gwen’s father passed her the mallet and Amelia was surprised at the weight of it.

“It’s very heavy.”

“Now put the mallet above your head though mind to hold on tightly.”

Amelia done as she was instructed “Like this?”

Gwen’s father laughed. “Yes now, focus on the metal on the table, and when your ready swing down.”

Amelia focused on the metal and after two deep breaths she swung down and… hit the table.

Gwen laughed. “Don’t worry you will get the hang of it.”

Amelia looked longer at the piece of metal this time as though it would help her aim accurately suddenly she pounded downwards and was relieved to hear the cling of metal.

“I did it!” Amelia beamed. Gwen’s father laughed.

“If you weren’t royalty I’d hire you.”

Walking back to the glass man later that day after having spent the day with the blacksmith they arrived to find him waiting.

“I put the glass onto a leather piece so it could be a pendant.” The man said holding it out to let the Princess see. Amelia loved it.

It was red and shaped like a sword. It suited Arthur perfectly. Then Amelia realised she did not have any money on her person.

“I am sorry I have no money, but will you accept these?” Amelia took her earrings out and passed them to the glass man.

“That is fine. Thank you princess this will keep my family fed for a year or two!”

Amelia smiled and pocketed Arthur’s present.

On the way back to the castle Amelia could not help but touch the pendant in her pocket.

“Do you think he will like it?”

Gwen smiled at the Princess. “He would be silly not too.”
End Notes:
the idea i got for Arthur's necklace is that on episode 3 in the first series when he is fighting Lancelot only wearing that red tunic you can distinctly see a necklace of some sort. SO my character made him it. ;)
Open your hands and what do you find? by Lady_Adoneathe
Author's Notes:
:) :)
When they arrived at the castle they could see that some people looked distraught. Amelia looked to Gwen confused. “What’s the matter?”

Gwen shrugged not knowing either. Amelia gathered pace to get to the entrance of the castle but when she got there found King Uther, Prince Arthur and her brother descending.

“Is everything alright?” Amelia asked. Alistiar looked at his sister both relieved to find her better and within the castle.

“Some of Camelot’s villages have been attacked.”

Amelia gasped looking towards the King and Arthur who seemed grave and in deep conversation.


Alistiar shook his head. “It’s more like what.”

Amelia grasped the situation. A creature was attacking the villages not people.

“Where are you going?” Amelia asked to no one in particular.

This time Arthur answered her once he had mounted his horse.

“We need to assess the situation, we will not be gone long”
Amelia nodded, she had so desperately wanted to give Arthur his gift immediately but certainly not in front of his father and her own brother.

“Be safe.” Amelia said simply.

The three men then turned and galloped out of the castle leaving Amelia slightly lonely. It was odd being in a castle without the appropriate royalty within in it and Amelia felt at a loss for what to do.

That was until she remembered a servant that Arthur had on her last visit and she really wanted to meet him again.

“Does a servant called Merlin still work for Arthur?” Amelia asked Gwen. Immediately Gwen blushed.

“Yes he stays with Gaius the court physician.”

“Can you take me there?”

Once more Gwen showed the princess the way but as she did she could not help but tug at her clothes to be neater or play with a stray curl that had fallen near her face.

“Gwen, do you like this man?” Amelia asked casually.

“No, no, no well actually, no, I mean here we are!”

Amelia bit back a laugh as she knocked on the door.

Within minutes the door opened to reveal an old man who was slightly stooped with shocking white hair.

“Princess Amelia I see you have recovered!”

“Yes, I believe I have you to thank”

“Not at all, now what can I do for you?” Gaius had now motioned the princess and Gwen inside.

“Does the man Merlin still reside here?” Amelia asked and as if on cue a bustling noise issued from behind a door in the corner that swung open too reveal two men.

Both men could see that the lady downstairs was of high importance so they belted down the stairs to be level with the lady.

Princess Amelia was beaming at Merlin who seemed happily perplexed at this.

“My lady it has been a long time since I last saw you!”
Amelia could not help herself any longer and threw herself at Merlin to give him a hug.

Merlin could not help but smell cinnamon and something floral from the princess, she smelt of home.

“I am sorry, being a princess has it downsides.”

Everyone in the room laughed. Now apart from Merlin, Amelia took in the appearance of the second man. He was tall, with messy dark hair and was handsome if you liked that sort of thing. At once the man bowed.

“I am Lancelot at your service.”

Amelia smiled but Merlin cut in.

“He’s being humble, this is Lancelot the fifth son of lord Eldridge of Northumbria.”

Amelia looked confused. “I did not know he had a fifth son.”

At once everyone’s breath caught.

“I was a latecomer my lady.” Lancelot gave a nervous smile.

Amelia gave a laugh. “Now I know that feeling.”

“Princess what can I do for you anyway?” Gaius asked trying to change the subject.

“Gaius, I came here to provide help with my healing expertise and I was wondering if I could help you if you’d like?”

Gaius beamed he had heard stories of Amelia’s soft touch. “I would be honoured- you could help Merlin here get supplies.”

“Certainly at once.”

Merlin however looked less happy. “I needed to help Lancelot sort some things.”

Gaius cut in. “I’m sure Gwen here can manage.”

The princess turned to Gwen who had forgot her presence momentarily then she realised it was not Merlin who was making her blush… it was Lancelot.

Smiling knowingly Amelia walked towards the door.

“Will there anything in particular you want us to get you Gaius?”

Gaius could not get over the fact that this royal was so eager to help.

“Merlin knows, have fun.”

As the Princess and the servant started towards the gardens, Amelia slinked her arm around Merlin’s like it was a natural thing to do with a servant. A male one no less.

“It must be two years at least since I last saw you.” Merlin commented feeling important.

“Nearly three.” Amelia replied back.

“You look different now than when you did back then.” Merlin stated now blushing a deep crimson.

Amelia smiled slyly. “Oh now, do tell.”

“Now you have filled out more.”

Amelia gasped playfully. “Are you suggesting I have put on weight?”

Merlin stopped abruptly looking scared. “No not at all, you just look womanly now.”

Amelia burst out laughing and push Merlin forward “My dear, dear Merlin you amuse me.”

Merlin laughed nervously. “I’m sorry, I’m not good with words sometimes.”

“It’s fine Merlin really, now let’s get some work done.”

Two hours later and Merlin and Amelia could be found hunched over a hedge seemingly looking for something.

“What does it look like exactly?” Merlin asked again even though he had heard the description over a million times.

“It has a purple head, with a long stalk and small leaves.” Amelia replied determined. She had saw this plant in abundance back home, but here it was a rarity and it made Amelia mentally note to bring some back to Camelot the next time she visited for this plant had healing qualities for sprains and pulled muscles. Perfect for the knights and soldiers of Camelot.

“And are you sure it’s found in hedges?” Merlin asked again. Amelia could hear the desperation in his voice.


Amelia continued on unknowing that Merlin had stopped.

Merlin wondered if determination was a royal thing that you inherited for both Arthur and Amelia both had it in abundance.

“Aha – here we go!” Amelia had found a little bundle of the flowers underneath one of the hedges.

Pulling them out of the ground she pocketed them alongside Arthur’s present.

Walking back towards the castle Princess Amelia and Merlin heard the distinct noise of horns.

“Sounds like the royals are back – time for dinner I think!” Merlin said rubbing his stomach.

Amelia laughed but then she realised that after dinner she would deliver her present with new excitement she turned to Merlin and handed him the sought after flower…

along with Arthur’s pendant.

Lifting it Merlin inspected it closely. Princess Amelia’s mouth ran dry.

“This is lovely – who is it for?”

Amelia looked at Merlin as if he was stupid then the sudden realisation dawned on Merlin’s face.

“He’ll like it!” Amelia looked hopeful.

“Really do you really think so?”

“Go now!” Merlin said slowly handing back the pendant.

Amelia walked towards Arthur’s chambers slowly tidying up her appearance, as she got closer.

Taking a deep breath she quietly entered his room to find Arthur looking determinedly into the fire.

“Are you alright Arthur?” Amelia said quietly.

Arthur started and took in Amelia. Her appearance still had the air of being ruffled and to Arthur it was extremely comforting.

“This beast has a thirst for human blood.” Arthur said dryly.

Amelia spying a jug of wine walked over to it and poured a large amount for Arthur and passed it too him. He smiled and took a large draught.

“I believe you’ll catch it.” Amelia said
sincerely. “Actually Arthur…”

Arthur looked at Amelia questioning.

Amelia placed her hand in her pocket and grabbed the pendant in a way that Arthur would not be able to see it.

“Open your hand out.” Amelia instructed.

“What are you on about?”

“OPEN IT!” Amelia said loudly once Arthur had done so with a smirk on his face did Amelia place the pendant on his hand.

Once having done so Amelia felt stupid.

“It’s a thank you, I know its not the best gift you’ve been given but…”

Arthur placed a sole finger on Amelia’s mouth to silence her. Once Amelia was silent Arthur put the pendant on and then stared at Amelia silently.

“It’s perfect Amelia.”

Amelia beamed. Arthur had now started to close the gap between himself and Amelia, then by reaching his hands out to her face he gently pulled her face inches within his own.

Amelia could feel his breath beating on her face for a few seconds before Arthur moved in too brush his lips against Amelia’s. Amelia lifted her hands to Arthur's who still had is snaked around her to feel that his hands were rough.

"I'll see you at dinner Arthur." But Amelia would not move. Just then Merlin walked in Arthur's chambers catching sight of the two royals.

"Oh im so sorry!"

Immediately Arthur's hands dropped and faced Merlin with an angry look on his face.

"What are YOU doing Merlin?"

Merlin was pointing to Arthurs' freshly washed clothes. Amelia looked to both men and smiled.

"I'll go now."

As Amelia left she could distinctly hear something being thrown and the words. "And that is why you'll never have a woman MERLIN!"
Mr Arthur Smelly Feet Pendragon! by Lady_Adoneathe
Author's Notes:
introducing the thought of King Cenred. ooo-err!
Amelia arrived at dinner an hour later with a small smile on her face, Arthur’s kiss, his touch had felt amazing to Amelia’s senses and it felt like something had finally burst inside of her… maybe finally she would be loved by who she was not by WHAT she was.

“Princess Amelia I believe you have been offered many suitors recently?” King Uther asked genuinely interested. Amelia nodded.

“That I have, none have suited me though.”

Arthur smiled into his drink.

“And who have they been?”

Amelia looked to her brother and laughed. “Many princes, dukes and kings both near and afar.”

King Uther laughed. “I have heard rumours that King Cenred has offered his hand but rumour has it you refused outright.”

“I do not believe King Cenred has ever witnessed love or humour so I do not see how I could be suited too him, my father however disagrees.”

“Is that so?”

Amelia nodded before continuing.

“King Cenred can offer me security in abundance but that is not my only need.”

“My sister believes in true love and happiness but we know it does not always work that way.” Alistiar chipped in. Amelia looked at her brother. This man was capable of love but he chose not too. It was a sad sight to see.

“I believe it to be true brother and I will persist until I have it.”

King Uther gave a growl of laughter. “That you will do n doubt!”

Amelia turned back to her plate that was three quarters finished and began picking off grapes from its vines.

“My lady?”

Amelia looked up to see Gwen standing with a vase in her hands.

“Yes Gwen?”

“More wine?”

Amelia was not aware of how full her goblet was so she consented it to be filled.

As Gwen was filling the goblet, Amelia saw how Gwen managed to slip a small piece of paper under her plate.

Looking at Gwen questioningly, Gwen could only pretend too look oblivious before walking off.

Staring ahead Amelia tried not to be aware of the piece of paper that rested under her plate since she had decided to wait a length of time before retrieving it.

After a considerable amount of time had passed Amelia moved her hands to the side of the plate pretending to lift her fork but instead grab the piece of paper and put it on her lap.

Feeling suddenly paranoid that she was being watched, Amelia undertook a little conversation with Morgana before returning to the piece of paper.

The piece of paper was in fact a note, that Amelia observed that the neat hand writing was neater than her own before actually reading it.

Do not look up at me when you read this, it is I Arthur.
Would you like to accompany me around the gardens tonight after dinner? To reply look at Merlin and nod if you want too, he will then nod as well and I will know your response, as I will be watching him. If you do not wish this then I am sorry to have troubled you. If you say yes, I will arrive at your chambers at 8 this evening.
Arthur Pendragon.

Amelia’s heart was beating so fast it felt like her heart would break free from her rib cage.

Slowly looking up from her letter she could see Merlin looking at her with a know it all smile on his face.

Raising her eyebrows, she nodded slightly then laughed softly when she saw Merlin repeat her action.

Dinner could not pass fast enough and with steady relief she pelted it too her chambers to get ready.

Putting some rose water on her skin and a quick tidy up of her hair and she was ready for Arthur’s arrival.

Sitting herself by the fire she could not help but feel her anticipation levels increase steadily as the time past but her eye- lids were gradually getting heavier…

Amelia was feeling slightly dazed but felt a sense of urgency in her heart, she needed to be somewhere, she needed to find someone…

Looking down Amelia could see something red on her hands.

Was that blood? Did it belong too her?

Amelia’s feet began running at least they knew where they were going.

Within minutes she was on grass and the stench of smoke and bodily fluid seeped through the air.

Amelia stopped abruptly and felt sick.

She was on a battlefield surrounded by knights and soldiers of Camelot both dead and barely alive.

But something caught her eye.

Taking a direct left she found herself walking towards somebody who was sprawled on the ground.

When she got closer she screamed.

To the left was an older Merlin, bloodied and bruised seemingly unconscious.

To the right however lay Arthur who looked like he was sleeping.

At once Amelia fell down beside him only now noticing that she herself was wearing armour as well.

Stifling a cry Amelia cradled onto Arthur’s body.

“Amelia…” But Amelia’s sobs were blocking anyone else’s voice.


Amelia jumped out of her skin when she saw Arthur leaning over her.

“I am sorry, I did not mean to fall asleep.” Amelia apologised standing up.

“It’s alright, are you ready or would you like me to wait?”

“No I will go now if you are ready?”

Arthur crooked his elbow slightly indicating for Amelia to slink her arm through.

Amelia did so willing happy to feel warm radiating through his clothes.

That dream had made her blood run cold.

They walked to the gardens in silence, Arthur only breaking it to speak to some knights on the way. Once in the garden however Arthur broke it once more.

“You seemed to have formed a friendly relationship with my servant Merlin.” Arthur stated noticing how Amelia smiled.

“Yes I have, is that a problem?”

Arthur seemed to consider this for a moment. “Depends on what he is telling you.”

Amelia snorted with laughter slightly nudging Arthur.

“He told me your horribly messy and have horrid smelling feet.”


Amelia laughed loudly now. “Come on Arthur Smelly feet Pendragon!”

Amelia ran ahead slightly but was quickly caught up by Arthur.

“You cannot insult a future king like that!” Arthur said jokingly.

“I can if it’s true.”

Now both royals were standing facing each other quietly. Arthur lifted a piece of Amelia’s brown locks and started playing with it.

“You are the only person besides my father and Merlin that answers me back.”

Amelia laughed lightly. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

“It is.”

Amelia coughed. “It’s getting cold, can we go back in?”
Arthur nodded dropped her hair but lifting her hand instead.

“They are so cold.”

Amelia nodded. “They always have been”

Without a second thought Arthur locked his hand with Amelia’s they fitted together like lock and key.

Both Amelia and Arthur looked at each other and smirked before walking back to the castle hand in hand.

A knight that Amelia had not met before greeted them at the entrance doors.

Immediately Amelia positioned herself in front of Arthur and hers interlocked hands.

Amelia was relieved to find that Arthur still had not removed his hand.

“My lady, Prince Arthur.” The knight bowed.

“Knight Guy what is it?”

“Another town has been attacked – your father has requested your presence.” Guy said solemnly.

Amelia looked to Arthur concerned. They had not heard the bells.

“I must go.” Arthur said simply.

“Of course.” Amelia then revealed the interlocked hands, but raised them to her mouth then placed a kiss on them.

“Princess Amelia – Gaius has requested you to help him, there are many injured.”

Amelia finally released her hand and at once felt her hands go considerably colder.

“Thank you for tonight.”
End Notes:
**** either dream or vision up too you on that one!
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