Reviews For Firsts
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Reviewer: reves_casses Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 25, 2011 07:30 pm Title: Firsts


Author's Response: Thanks:)

Reviewer: beizanten Signed [Report This]
Date: Sep 25, 2010 05:31 am Title: Firsts

Great story. poor merlin but i'm glad it work in the end

Author's Response: Practice makes perfect, after all:) Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Koigokoro-chan Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Nov 07, 2009 08:22 pm Title: Firsts

Nice. Creative. I like it! It made me smile.

Now make it longer ~_^

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And I would love to write a longer Arthur/Merlin fic, I just haven't managed it yet:)

Reviewer: minlin Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 23, 2009 10:48 am Title: Firsts

This very sweet, though I kept thinking 'Poor Merlin' for much of it.
At least it all worked out in the end.

Author's Response: Poor Merlin did have quite a hard time of it, but I'm sure that will only let him appreciate even more what he gets in the end:) Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: tolstoy Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 06, 2009 12:32 am Title: Firsts

amusing and witty

Author's Response: Thank you:)

Reviewer: Texan-Elf Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: Mar 31, 2009 03:18 am Title: Firsts

A sweet series of vignettes recounting various "firsts" leading up to a relationship between Merlin & Arthur.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it:)

Reviewer: joec_mn Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 20, 2009 09:26 am Title: Firsts

this was brilliant! I absolutely loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you thought so:)

Reviewer: catscratch Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 24, 2009 06:46 pm Title: Firsts

Arthur and Merlin really would do things better the second time around, don't they? Even their first introduction didn't go so well.

The "wretched beyond the telling of it line" made me smile... and I didn't stop smiling until long after I'd finished reading. It's so true to life for anyone who has ever gone camping in the rain, as it is for anyone who's ever been inconvenienced by stray thoughts and memories at inopportune times. This is one of those few fics that I'll come back to read again and again.

You've taken a fairly straightforward, even standard, fic plot and infused it with enough details and quirks that make it both entertaining, unique, and plain old fun to read.

I love love love this story! Having made my way through quite a portion of this archive, I can confidently say that this is among the very best of the Merlin/Arthur stories here. Brava! I'm glad to see your story has its deserved place on the top ten list.

Thank you for writing and sharing your work!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you again for such a lovely comment! I had such fun thinking of all the ways their firsts could have gone wrong, because yes, they don't have that great a a track record with even their canon firsts. *g* I am so glad that you enjoyed it, and thrilled to know that you will read it again:)

Reviewer: Cyakobsen Signed [Report This]
Date: Feb 04, 2009 09:51 am Title: Firsts

Well, wasnt that adorable. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it:)

Reviewer: justmyteacup Signed [Report This]
Date: Jan 13, 2009 10:28 am Title: Firsts


Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Jux_ta_pose Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: Jan 01, 2009 09:00 pm Title: Firsts

Aww tis so sweet

Author's Response: Thank you so much:)

Reviewer: korilian Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Nov 25, 2008 03:11 pm Title: Firsts

Wonderful storytelling.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Reviewer: Buxomwench Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: Nov 21, 2008 04:33 pm Title: Firsts

Lovley, this is a beautifully crafted story and expreses Merlins personality in a really evocative manner.

Author's Response: Thanks! I love Merlin in this, so I'm glad you enjoyed him as well:)

Reviewer: gilithramaloce Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 19, 2008 03:24 pm Title: Firsts

Daawwww those last two lines made this story perfect. Well written!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it, thank you:)

Reviewer: Annwn Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 18, 2008 12:49 pm Title: Firsts

I love this! It's a great inversion to the way things are meant to be. I thought it was lovely, humorous and touching at the same time:D

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it:)

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