New Terms of Service
There have been some unfortunate incidents on MerlinFic recently. To protect the site and its members two new explicit rules have been added to the Terms of Service, effective immediately.

#1 Users may not share personal information such as emails, phone numbers or any other personal contact details on this site (social networking URLs are okay) - this includes the shout box. If you wish to share this information, use a social networking site, not a fiction archive.

It is not safe to give out personal information on a site like this where there are no safe guards.

#2 Users may not leave repeated requests for reviews when reviewing another author's work. The odd one is okay, but more than that, or any left after having been asked to desist will be considered spam or possibly harassment.

Users may still link to other sites in their profile (FB, LJ, websites etc), but they may not add contact information such as emails, home addresses, phone numbers etc. There is a contact option for each author anyway, so other contact details are not required.

If you already have personal contact information (as listed above) in your profile, please remove it.

If you any problems on this site, please contact the admins with the evidence of any issues and the matter will be investigated. DO NOT attempt to deal with the situation yourself. This site should be a happy place for everyone to play in the Merlin sandpit, don't make it personal.

--Beren on Oct 16, 2011 03:51 pm 9 Comments
Well said indeed.
- merlinslover on Oct 20, 2011 01:57 pm
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