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08/03/19 12:19 am
01/05/17 02:28 pm
On january 16th 2017 it will be my birthday.
02/04/16 10:06 am
On the 27/1/16 my dad sadly passed away aged 76. I miss him greatly..
01/24/16 02:39 pm
My 45th birthday was january 16th. Feel free to send me belated birthday wishes.
01/07/16 01:51 pm
January 16th is my birthday. I will be 45 years young.
01/01/16 12:24 pm
Happy birthday to Colin Morgan aka Merlin. 1st january 2016.
12/29/15 12:41 pm
Happy holidays to everyone and a happy 2016 to everyone.
10/21/15 01:20 pm
Hi there everyone. Please read and comment on the stories I have written. Thankyou.
07/12/15 01:39 pm
Hi Wolfkomki your in my story New Years Wish. In that story your named as BrokenDragonQueenAli.
07/10/15 12:45 am
Hi Wolfkomki if you have read the fifty shades books or seen the film fifty shades of grey then you will like a story I am writing called 3062 which is based on the film fifty shades of grey.
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